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His grandfather then gave him this advice: "Pay your bills first and then buy groceries. Your stomach will guide you better than most financial advisers. Every grandparent I know wishes for a close, harmonious family. They have some ideas about how families operate:.

Grandma Jokes

One of my readers contributed this gem: "Every old crow thinks hers are the blackest. Have you noticed that your grandchildren don't understand some of the expressions you use? When I'm cooking with the grandchildren, I often say, "A watched pot never boils," which gets me nothing but blank looks. We've abbreviated some of our sayings, which makes the meaning difficult to gather.

Adults know that when you refer to a silver lining, that's a shortened form of "Every cloud has a silver lining. Similarly, when we say, "The grass is greener," most adults fill in "on the other side of the fence," but kids may be lost. Many of our grandparents' sayings come from an agricultural past that our grandchildren know little about. I think that's a little sad, so I try to keep these idioms alive. When I thought I faced a big obstacle, my dad would say, "That's no hill for a stepper. When someone became wealthy, my dad would say, "He's in tall cotton.

When I was getting tired near the end of a task, my dad would say, "Come on. You're in the short rows now. One of my friend's dads, when asked how he was doing, always said, "Entre verde o seco" "between green and dry". Other sayings have lost their meanings for different reasons.

Try telling your grandchildren that they "sound like a broken record"! One of the greatest gifts that grandparents can give their grandchildren is a clear sense of their beliefs and values. Of course, our grandchildren may not agree with everything we stand for — that's inevitable — but they still gain a lot from being grounded in a family ethos. It's important for grandparents to remember that communicating is a two-way street.

We must make time to listen. For most grandparents, that isn't hard. On a technical level, we may need to learn to text and to use FaceTime , Skype or whatever new-fangled technology comes down the pike. Another idiom! Grandchildren have a lot of wisdom to impart to us, too. The funny things that grandchildren say can be amazingly profound. And through being with them, we learn to live in the moment, to keep our priorities in order and not to sweat the small stuff, all of which can make our lives richer.

Grandmother Sayings

Find the good in everybody. Hate the sin but love the winner.

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If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Worrying is just praying for what you don't want. Always ask. They can only say no. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Treat others as you would like to be treated. My favorite question to ask you.

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Spending hours on the front porch looking into the holler swinging back-and-forth in your arms. She was a real estate agent and when I was younger tagged along on the weekends when she showed properties. I thought it was torcher to go and drive around all day when we could have done something way more fun for me.

But every time I see a real estate sign I think of you and miss it. After every house that was sold she would make a lasagna for the family to have while moving in. I'd sit and watch being bored but never asked to help. I wish I did. I can imagine the pig-tails or braids that I would have, and the pain you would put on my scalp doing them.

The Ultimate Guide to Grandparent Names

Of course, I'm not hiding behind the bathroom door trying to do it, and I passed the stage of wearing heavy eye liner. I got all the best tips from you. One thing that hurt me the most was not having you there with Paw-Paw on graduation day. I can imagine you yelling "Niki Doodle" as I walked across the stage.

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I can hear you saying how proud you are to this day. I really miss you and not a second goes by where I don't think about you. And to everyone who is best friends with your grandmother, I envy you. I didn't realize how important the times I spent with her were.