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Each ring reminds us of who we are and symbolizes the things that make our connection to LCU so strong. On the top is a cross, which represents Jesus. As each graduate leaves and enters the world, the cross represents how you will shine the light of Jesus in your daily activities. Like the points on a compass, the outer points of the cross represent the different paths and directions each graduate pursues upon graduation.

The center of the cross symbolizes what reunites graduates as well as emphasizes our shared LCU experiences and foundation of faith. One side of the ring represents the school's transition from Lubbock Christian College to Lubbock Christian University. The brick pattern in the background symbolizes buildings throughout the campus. The ring represents so much more than just the visual symbolism. It celebrates goal achievement. It honors the dream that made LCU what it is today. Finally, it reminds us of the sacrifices of so many to make an LCU education possible.

NOTE: Due to the nature of their LCU experience, transfer students and nursing students are not automatically enrolled; if they wish to join the Ring Savings Program, they may choose to opt in at any time by contacting the Alumni Relations Office. The Ring Savings Program provides students with the funds to purchase a ring upon attainment of sixty 60 credit hours at LCU. Due to the higher cost of men's rings and fluctuating cost of gold, students who wish to contribute more than the four 4 semesters of ring installments may ask the Office of Alumni Relations to raise their limit and deduct funds for six 6 semesters.

At the beginning of each semester, Alumni Relations will host "Ring Days", in which representatives of Balfour, the ring manufacturer, will be available to answer questions about the LCU ring and take orders from qualified students. The balance from each student's ring savings account reduces the total price of the ring selected by each student. Those students who purchase a ring during Ring Days will be invited to participate in the Ring Ceremony.

Friends, family, and alumni are encouraged and welcome to attend the ceremony. The money in students' ring savings accounts will be available for the purpose of purchasing an LCU ring up to two 2 years after enrollment ceases. After this time, the money will be placed in the Alumni Relation's general fund for alumni programs. If students do not wish to participate in the Ring Savings Program, they must opt out of the program in writing. This may be accomplished one of two ways:.

Refunds, also called student account credits, are available to the student account upon request and as follows:. NOTE: Only students who have opted out of the program in writing will receive a refund or student account credit, regardless of whether or not they graduate from LCU. The LCU Medical Clinic is an outpatient clinic with a full-time physician, a registered nurse, and an administrative assistant. Treatment is available for acute illnesses and minor injuries, and maintenance therapy is available for certain chronic health conditions.

All current LCU students who have paid the required health services fee per semester are eligible to utilize these services. The nurse may be seen free of charge. Students have the option of billing any clinic fees to their student account only allowed during the first few weeks of each semester, before student accounts are due. The clinic does not accept insurance. Appointments are the best way to see the physician. Call Same day appointments are usually available. The clinic is open Monday-Thursday from 8 a.

It is closed evenings, weekends, and university holidays. Office hours in the summer are reduced open at 9 a. The clinic staff is not available after hours. Students should go to an urgent care clinic or emergency room if medical attention is needed when the clinic is closed. Effective January 1, , the meningococcal meningitis vaccine is now required by state law for ALL enrolled students attending a university in the state of Texas, with limited exceptions.

Students who have not provided the necessary documentation will not be allowed to attend class.

Student Handbook

Further details are available. Texas law also requires that all newly enrolled college students, including transfers and readmits, be provided with information regarding meningococcal disease. Bacterial meningitis is a serious, potentially deadly disease that can progress very quickly. It is an inflammation of the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord. The bacteria that cause meningitis can also infect the blood.

This disease strikes about 3, Americans each year, including on college campuses, leading to deaths among college students every year. The more symptoms, the higher the risk, so if these symptoms appear, seek immediate medical attention. The vaccine:. The objective of the policy is to ensure LCU maintains an orderly appearance appropriate to a university campus while providing members of the greater university community with a maximum of publicity outlets. Cooperation is essential to creating an attractive and pleasant environment for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors.

The Student Affairs Office must authorize all materials before they may be posted on campus. All individuals and organizations must have approval before posting signs, notices, flyers, banners, and announcements, including sidewalk chalk and chap decorations. All material must bear the official LCU stamp before being posted or distributed. The stamp may not be copied or reproduced. Materials must be submitted at least 4 days prior to the desired post date and must be limited to fifteen copies.

All material must be in line with the university mission and goals and not violate any aspect of the university policy and procedures. All efforts will be made to ensure individuals are provided an opportunity to promote events and ideas. The Student Affairs Office retains the right to deny any individual the right to post materials. All employment flyers must be approved and stamped through Career Services located in the Cardwell Welcome Center. Employment postings may be posted on designated employment bulletin boards. See Career Services for additional information.

Postings are not allowed on glass and painted surfaces on campus, and may not be posted in the McDonald-Moody Auditorium. Postings not approved or posted in prohibited areas may be removed without warning. Many campus buildings have designated boards for campus postings. Campus post office boxes are given to campus residents only. Students need to go to Chaparral Mail, located in the SUB, during registration or the first week of school in order to set up their mailbox.

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Students are responsible for checking their mailboxes each school day as all campus business is transacted through the university mail system and email. Normal hours of operation are a. Monday through Thursday and a. Summer hours are posted. Mail addressed to students from off campus should be addressed in the following manner:. Full-time, single, and undergraduate students who have been out of high school fewer than four long semesters 2 years , are required to live in campus housing. Students may submit a petition to live off campus if they meet one of the following criteria:.

A petition to live off campus must be submitted every fall and spring semester until the student has been out of high school for four long semesters 2 years. Part-time students are allowed to live in campus housing only as space permits. Financial hardships are not considered as possible exemptions to the campus housing policy. There are multiple housing facilities available on the campus of Lubbock Christian University. They are listed below. All students working towards a degree plan have full access to the RPRC; excludes temporary or dual-credit students.

Nursing partnership students may enroll in a zero 0 credit course to obtain access. All current, non-contract employees are granted access to the RPRC. Memberships may be purchased for those non qualifying students. LCU does not carry health, accident, or life insurance on its students. Students participate at their own risk and assume full responsibility for any injuries. Local insurance information is available in the Student Affairs office. For additional information please call With state-of-the-art strength and cardio equipment, we offer a separate free weight area, piece selectorized weight circuit, and 25 cardio machines with amenities.

Group fitness classes are offered throughout the day. Various classes are offered such as spinning, step, and yoga. Classes are first come, first served, no registration required. Students assume full responsibility for any injuries received while participating in such activities, and participation is at the students own risk. Students assume full responsibility to provide their own health, accident, and life insurance. Intramurals provide all students the opportunity to participate in a variety of individual and team sports played in the fall and spring semesters.

Intramural sports may include 7-on-7 flag football, futsal, volleyball, basketball, softball, outdoor soccer, ultimate Frisbee, dodge ball, badminton, and ping pong. Registration meetings are scheduled prior to each sport. Students participating in intramurals must be in good academic and chapel standing. Experience the culture of rock climbing at one of the tallest stand-alone rock walls in the state. We offer two tier training that will help prepare you for the rock wall experience. Our rock wall holds 3 auto-belays, 16 top-rope anchors and 25 routes of varying difficulty.

With fresh routes put up regularly, and specially trained staff there to assist you, the rock wall promises to be an epic adventure for any skill level. Roller blades, skateboards, hoverboards, and bicycles are only permitted on sidewalks and are for outside transportation only. Excessive speed, stunts, tricks, or jumps are prohibited on campus property. Bicyclists, rollerbladers, and skateboarders are also reminded that sidewalks are primarily utilized by pedestrians; however, they must remain on hard pavements.

Tricks, stunts, or jumps are not allowed. Bicycles are not required to be registered; however, when not in use they must be secured to a cycle rack provided on campus. LCU Public Safety operates 24 hours a day. For emergencies, call Administrative services are also available in the Student Affairs Office during those times.

To report an incident or suspicious activities, please call Public Safety also provides a variety of services:. To report a crime, please call Lubbock Police Department Dispatch at To access the registered sex offender website and other security-related issues, go to Public Safety Webpages. In order to comply with the Department of Education regarding the Jeanne Clery Act of , LCU must record all crimes occurring on campus on a yearly basis.

Campus Crime website each October. The most current crime report statistics are available on the Public Safety webpages. It provides general guidance for emergency management, activities, and a general overview of our methods of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. The plan describes our emergency response, organization, and assigns responsibilities for various emergency tasks. Emergency Notification LCUAlert In the event of an emergency including weather and safety alerts , LCU will utilize a number of communication tools and strategies to communicate with the campus community.

Depending upon the nature of the announcement, any or all of the following methods may be used:. LCUAlert will be used for emergency communication only. Active Shooter Event Call as soon as it is safe to do so. Remember the 3D technique:. Fire In case of a fire, be prepared by knowing the location of exits and extinguishers. If on campus you will be directed to take cover. As situations and emergencies often arise in an unpredictable manner, LCU recommends you use caution and judgment regarding your personal safety.

University missing person procedures apply to students who reside on campus and are deemed missing or absent from LCU for a period of at least 24 hours without a known reason. Within 24 hours after notification, campus officials will:. Emergency contact information is collected during registration and may be updated on enrollment validation forms or in the Registrar's Office. Students are expected to be familiar with and abide by the regulations set forth in this handbook.

Such areas include, but are not limited to, athletic fields, driveways, loading areas, and lawns. Students using private vehicles on campus consent to search of the vehicle while on campus and agree to obey city, county, state, and federal traffic laws and regulations. The university does not provide insurance for personal vehicles or their contents. LCU assumes no responsibility for stolen property or damage to any vehicle or its contents while the vehicle is being operated or parked on campus. The decal should be placed on the outside of the back window in the lower left corner.

For convertibles, the decal needs to be placed in the front window in the lower right corner. Motorcycles and bicycles are not required to have a parking permit; however, they need to be registered with the LCU Public Safety office. Commuters may contact the office to obtain parking permits for additional vehicles.

Parking permits are required for all students parking on campus. Each permit has a color designation for parking permissions on campus. Students receive a copy of these permissions as well as an outlined map when they receive their permit. Permissions and maps may also be found on the public safety page of LCU. Vehicles parked on LCU property without a permit will be issued a ticket. Tickets will be placed on the student account and must be paid in the Student Business Office.

The person in whose name the permit is issued will be held responsible for that vehicle. A parking ticket is not excused on the plea that another person was driving the vehicle at the time the vehicle was cited. The university reserves the right to remove and impound vehicles left abandoned, any vehicle without license plates, or any vehicle parked in a way that constitutes a serious hazard to vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

The owners will be responsible for any fees involving the removing, impounding, and storing of their vehicles. Tickets are to be paid in the Student Business Office. If you wish to contest a ticket, you must submit an email michael. The written appeal must specify grounds that would justify consideration. General dissatisfaction with the policy or an appeal for mercy is not an appropriate basis for an appeal. Come by the Public Safety Office in the SUB, Room , to ask questions or obtain additional information regarding traffic and parking policies.

Campus property cannot be used for commercial or solicitation purposes. This includes online or traditional mail business ventures. Requests for interpretation or consideration is to be handled through Student Affairs. Brochures for covering personal property in apartments or residence halls are available in the Student Affairs Office. Brochures for student medical insurance are also available.

Tuition insurance brochures are available in the Student Business Office and enrollment must be complete before the beginning of the semester.

Tragedy: A Student Handbook (EMC Advanced Literature Series)

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of social, professional, and service clubs as well as to become involved in a broad spectrum of intercollegiate and intramural sports at LCU. Visit LCU. The university is not responsible for any injuries incurred by a student. The university does not assume responsibility for or insure student property that is lost, damaged, or stolen. Students are advised to lock their rooms at all times, leave valuable property at home, and not keep large amounts of cash in their rooms.

Lost or stolen keys should be reported immediately to the residence hall supervisor. Students assume responsibility to insure their personal property. Undergraduate student account balances are payable in full on or before September 30 for the fall and February 15 for the spring. Graduate student account balances for Fall A and B sessions must be paid on or before September 15 and C sessions by November 15, and balances for Spring A and B sessions must be paid on or before February 15 and C sessions by April Payment arrangements for summer courses must be made by the first day of class.

Accounts not complying with the above policy may be placed on hold.

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Late fees will not be assessed to students currently on a payment plan. The university does not release student academic records if educational costs are not paid. Students will not be allowed to register for classes if there is a hold on the account. Tuition and room and board refunds are computed on a declining scale based on when students withdraw from the university or drop a course. Fees are not refundable. Request for withdrawals or drops must be made by completing a withdrawal or drop form which is available from the registrar. Refunds or tuition and room and board will be made according to the following refund schedule.

The federal refund formula requires federal student aid to be refunded at a pro rata basis if a complete withdrawal from the institution occurs before 60 percent of the semester has been completed. Any amounts in excess of this pro rata calculation that have already been refunded to the student are subject to immediate repayment. It is important to keep up with your LCU emails. LCU uses student email as its official form of communication. In the Student Business Office, you may pay with cash, check, money order, or cashier's check. Credit cards are only accepted online at LCU.

The Student Business Office will process student stipends twice a week. Checks will not be available for pickup. To expedite the refund process, complete a direct deposit form on the student portal. Students with questions or disputes concerning account balances should first contact the Student Accounts Advisor in the Student Business Office If a resolution cannot be made, students may appeal in writing to the Director of Student Accounts.

The university provides all students an email account and all campus residents a post office box. All campus business between offices and students is transacted through the university mail system and email. All students should check their LCU email on a daily basis. Failure to do so does not nullify the information contained in the email. For information about campus post office boxes, contact the Post Office that is located on the first floor of the SUB.

Students who qualify for the Federal Work Study Program will need to market themselves in order to find a job. They must build a resume', determine available hours, dress nicely, and apply to each office on campus. A list of work study job opportunities is available online through Chaplink under Resources, Work Study. Questions or additional information about work study can be directed to Financial Assistance in the Cardwell Welcome Center.

For those who do not qualify for the Federal Work Study Program, the Career Center, located in the Cardwell Welcome Center, compiles lists of jobs available in the area. Local employment agencies are also a good resource to utilize. In addition, there are several departments on campus that hire students who are not work study eligible cafeteria, tutoring, etc. Lubbock Christian University is committed to building a community that is conducive to spiritual, personal, and academic growth. The values that guide LCU are based on our belief in God and allegiance to scripture.

We believe these values are essential in maintaining an environment in which the needs of each individual are important. As a part of a community where God is glorified and mutual respect and dignity of others are the norm, each person shares the responsibility to uphold these guidelines. The mission statement of LCU cites three areas of focus in its goal of changing lives: a spiritual emphasis, a quality education, and reinforcement of values. Instances of academic dishonesty may include, but are not limited to, the following:.

All students, by their enrollment, agree to uphold all aspects of academic integrity, as outlined in this policy, in all their academic pursuits. Lubbock Christian University will respond to instances of academic dishonesty with disciplinary action. Consequences range from the lowering of a grade on the assignment in the course to dismissal from the university. Once an instance of academic dishonesty has been determined by the instructor, the instructor will, as soon as possible, set up a meeting with the student and department chair.

At that meeting, the instructor will confront the student regarding the instance of academic dishonesty, assign the consequences and discuss the appeal process with the student. Consequences for an instance of academic dishonesty may be in the form of:. In the case of multiple offenses of academic dishonesty by a single student, whether in a single course or for single offenses in multiple courses, disciplinary action will result in the following:.

The office of the Provost serves as the clearinghouse for information on instances of student academic dishonesty.

Documentation of infractions and disciplinary action will be submitted by instructors and kept on file in that office. A copy of this documentation will also be kept on file with the office of the Dean of Students. A student who wishes to appeal a sanction s taken by an instructor for instances of academic dishonesty may appeal to the Academic Integrity Committee. That assignment will be made by the appropriate dean. Students wishing to pursue this appeal process must, within three business days of the delivery of the sanction s , submit a letter of intent to appeal to the Provost.

In that letter, the student must provide background of the alleged instance of academic dishonesty, explain the nature of the sanction, and formally request a meeting with the committee. The student may not bring outside witness or counsel to these academic meetings. The student may remain in the course in question until the appeals process is exhausted. If the occurrence of academic dishonesty is within a short course i. Decisions of the committee are final. Students enrolling in the university agree to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with our identity as a Christian educational institution.

The Code of Community Standards extends to off-campus student conduct when that conduct is likely to have an adverse effect on students, the university, or the educational process. Students who are accused of violating university policies or rules will be assured certain procedures are followed unless those rights are temporarily suspended for the immediate protection and safety of the university community. Students who are concerned about destructive or at risk behaviors from friends or fellow students should share their concerns with the Student Affairs Office.

Lubbock Christian University has enacted the following alcohol and drug policy to apply to all students of the LCU community, whether on or off-campus as a standard of living to be upheld at all times. In addition to these specific policies, it will be a violation of the Community Alcohol and Drug Policy if a student is in violation of a local, state or federal law concerning alcohol or drugs or controlled substances. The use of marijuana in any form or derivative that contains THC while enrolled as a student at LCU is considered a violation, regardless of the state in which it is used or consumed.

Lubbock Christian University is an alcohol-free campus. The consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or beverage containers is strictly prohibited when:. A student under the legal drinking age who is consuming alcoholic beverages or is in the possession of alcoholic containers or paraphernalia will be in violation of the alcohol policy. Drunkenness, on or off campus, is not consistent with the mission of LCU and will not be tolerated in any form or fashion. Drunkenness is defined as any offensive, disruptive, destructive, hazardous, vulgar, or uncontrolled behavior during or following the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Documented proof of drunkenness is not required by the university to impose sanction for violations of the Alcohol Policy. The university will base decisions on a preponderance of the evidence more likely than not that drunkenness occurred. The university strongly recommends that LCU students remove themselves from any hint of alcohol-related violations so as to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

This includes the manufacture, sale, distribution, possession, or attempt to obtain a fake ID. Operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance is of such a disdainful nature that any verified offenses, whether legally prosecuted or not, may result in immediate suspension, dismissal, or expulsion. A student who voluntarily discloses information about an off-campus alcohol or drug use violation may potentially be eligible to remain a student at LCU.

In such cases that the Dean of Students deems appropriate, minimum rehabilitative sanctions will include counseling, extended probationary sanctions, and community service, which may be imposed on an offending student in lieu of automatic dismissal. The student is responsible for all costs involved with counseling, drug testing, and any other rehabilitation services that may be required. A second offense may result in automatic dismissal. Alcohol abuse among college students, both traditional and non-traditional, is one of the most pressing issues facing institutions of higher education across the country.

The above policies regarding alcohol use are not intended to place judgement, add moral weight, or otherwise condemn those who legally consume alcohol. LCU strongly believes in community accountability and has resources such as medical services, student counseling, advice, and help in matters of life, including the potentially serious matters listed above. As a community, the university encourages students to assist other students who may be in need, on or off campus.

In these incidents, the primary concern is the well-being, health, and safety of all involved. When a student seeks medical or crisis assistance for another student who is in violation of school policy, both parties may be exempt from disciplinary sanctions as they pertain to the safety of the individuals. As a part of a community where the Christian faith guides every dimension of community life, and mutual respect and dignity of others is the norm, each person shares the responsibility to uphold the values of the university community.

With community at the heart of Lubbock Christian University, there may be circumstances in which the needs of the individual exceed the abilities or wellbeing of the community at large. University staff members are committed to utilize resources reasonably available to the student, However, if the needs of the student exceed the university's so he or she can receive the necessary care. Certain actions or special regulations may be required if deemed to be in the best interest of the student's personal health. In some instances, a student's behavior or circumstance may be of such extreme nature that it causes disruptions in the residence halls or in the community at large.

If a student does not accept the decision of the Behavioral Intervention Team voluntarily, disciplinary action may be taken. You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore, honor God with your bodies. As a Christ-centered, academic community of learners, outward appearances should reflect the pursuit of lives of purpose and service.

As a part of that outward appearance, clothing and how it is worn can contribute to or distract from a student's spiritual, mental, and physical success on campus and beyond. The university's goal is to provide an environment where students are mentored in every facet of their lives, including preparing them to recognize the importance of dressing appropriately as they prepare for future endeavors.

Detailed guidelines on dress are difficult to craft and enforce, in part because styles and brands change so quickly and fluidly through time. However, there are some obvious violations that will be considered inappropriate and will be dealt with in a professional manner. The following list is intended to provide members of our community some clarity on what is and is not permitted to be worn on campus or at university-sponsored events. This list is not exhaustive, and appropriate university personnel are given discretion in providing further direction.

Individual departments may adopt additional standards for dress or appearance, particularly when students are representing the university in internship opportunities or university-affiliated field trips. Refusal to comply with specific reasonable requests will be grounds for university disciplinary action under the student code of conduct. Students should be properly clothed before entering the hallway or any common area in residence halls. Special care should be given to this matter on the first floor, where visitors or facilities personnel are more likely to be present at any time.

LCU considers fire safety extremely important, and students have an obligation to adhere to university regulations as well as city and state statutes. Students are responsible to know and comply with the law against hazing in its entirety. Chapter 51 section That was draining emotionally. Expressing this made him human. We felt support and a sense of community. We all pulled together and did what needed to be done. The meeting was also an opportunity to debrief on what had gone well and what needed improvement.

In her classroom, Peg Brown is continuing to deal with issues raised by the evacuation. Although Windham Middle School is really just beginning restorative practices implementation, in the wake of a crisis, a few simple restorative processes made a big difference.

Windham Middle School is taking part in a five-year randomized controlled study, led by the RAND Corporation, involving 14 middle schools in Maine, measuring the effectiveness of restorative practices in influencing school environments and decreasing problem behaviors. Another seven schools, which will serve as a comparison group, will not receive restorative practices training until after three years of observation and data collection.

Restorative Practices. What Is Restorative Practices? Message from the President. Presidential Paper Series. Restorative Works Magazine. Support Impact Scholarships. IIRP News. Community and Family. Higher Education. Graduate Education. Master of Science. Distinguishing features of the particular genre or tradition are studied in the context of the period and place from which the texts emerged. Consideration is given to how the texts were originally performed and how they have since been interpreted.

Minimum total expected workload to achieve the learning outcomes for this unit is hours per semester typically comprising a mixture of scheduled learning activities and independent study. Scheduled activities may include a combination of teacher directed learning, peer directed learning and online engagement.

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