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We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Dispatched from the UK in 1 business day When will my order arrive? Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. The Rembrandt Secret. Description A centuries-old conspiracy is about to explode into the present with devastating consequences. The first victim was forced to swallow stones. The second was whipped to death. The third was stabbed in the heart. A deadly serial killer is taking people down across London and New York.

What did they all know? Why were they butchered? The third was stabbed in the heart. A deadly serial killer is taking people down across London and New York. What did they all know? Why were they butchered? Who else is in the killer's sights? And how can they be stopped?

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It somehow added another depth to the book when you could see what the author was describing. I love books that do that. It made me want to know more about Rembrandt and who and what he stood for. At the heart of the story is Marshall Zeigler who is struggling to come to terms with the death of his father, and as the story progresses he realises he never really knew his father at all. Secrets are unravelled, stories told and whenever millions of pounds are at stake death is no strange bedfellow — no one is safe. The various murders in this book are pretty gruesome and before long Zeigler realises that an unknown serial killer is responsible and he is determined to find out who killed his father.

As an outsider to the Art world and with few contacts he soon realises that trust and honesty is at a premium. Who can he turn to for help? His life is at a crossroads and it takes numerous bold and risky decisions to move forward. One thing is certain, he can never go back to his old life. I really enjoyed this passage of writing and every time we visited Geertje I smiled. Characterisation is good, apart from the aforementioned Zeigler there are no stand out personalities, the story revolves around Ziegler and his decisions to exact revenge on the person or persons who murdered his father.

There are a number of surprises instore and I really enjoyed the reveal in the end. Very enjoyable and I will definitely read more from Alex Connor.

Painting Techniques: From Rembrandt to Vermeer

The Rembrandt Secret is a thriller set in the closed and secretive art world. Set during a recession when many dealers and galleries are struggling, the gruesome murder of respected gallery owner Owen Ziegler threatens to reveal a secret that could rock the art world to its foundations. As a thriller this book works really well; the secret itself unsurprisingly involving the Dutch Old Master Rembrandt is revealed fairly early on which means the book can concentrate on what it does best - instil The Rembrandt Secret is a thriller set in the closed and secretive art world.

As a thriller this book works really well; the secret itself unsurprisingly involving the Dutch Old Master Rembrandt is revealed fairly early on which means the book can concentrate on what it does best - instilling a sense of paranoia in both the hero Owen's son Marshall and the reader trying to work out who the murderer is. The world of art is also a good choice for this kind of taut thriller; since everyone is trying to find that one previously unacknowledged masterpiece worth millions before their neighbour does nobody trusts anyone else.

Marshill did not follow his father into the world of art and so is viewed with even more distrust. A whole cast of eccentric characters appear, some of which could have a motive, most of them hiding some sort of underhand connection to the victim. As Marshal tries to make sense not only of his father's death but of the strange circles he moved in the secrets come to light one by one - and the body count rises. Someone is eliminating everyone who knows the Rembrandt Secret, including Marshall.

Although I know next to nothing about how the art world works and I am assuming the portrayal is broadly accurate it didn't lessen my enjoyment of the book.

7 Keys to Rembrandt's Secret

The plot is not filled with action by any means but instead is driven by the characters, every conversation feeling like the participants are carefully navigating their way thought it trying to gain advantage from the other. I did guess the 'who' in the whodunnit around half way through but it was more of an educated guess than anything concrete so was still fairly suprised when I was proved correct.

There is a lot of conversation about art which didn't interest me much but did add flavour and texture to the book, but it did get a little frustrating sometimes when it didn't have any bearing on moving the plot forward. Overall I enjoyed this a lot and if I see another of Connor's books I will pick it up and no doubt enjoy reading that too. Feb 20, David Miller rated it liked it Shelves: thriller. Not a bad story. A page-turner to be sure; full of mystery, action and history. Not the best but also not the worst. Definitely a good read for art history buffs.

Aug 17, Lisbeth added it Shelves: history-fiction , mystery. She is an art historian, which you can very well believe, reading this story of the world of art and art galleries, written, at least it seems so to me, with a lot of insight. As we learn, the success of the art galleries goes up and down.

Owen Ziegler owns a successful gallery, until one day he finds himself in deep debt. He is forced to sell his original painting by Rembrandt. Although he always knew it is an original, painted by the master himself, his colleague who is buying it, is stating it is a painting from his work shop, and cheating him on the price. Ziegler asks his son Marshall, a translator living in Amsterdam, to come home to support him.

Soon afterwords Owen Ziegler is murdered and Marshall goes on a quest to solve his father's murder. Along the way he discovers the murky world of art. Turning up unexpectedly are, what seems to be, genuin letters, written by Rembrandt's maid and lover, Geertje Dircx. Rembrandt's favour was transferred to another maid, and Geertje took him to court for breaking a promise of marriage. In the end she was sentenced to be incarcerated in a House of Corrections, which was a sort of prison or madhouse in those days. These letters reveals a secret about 'the other Rembrandt'.

Marshall tries to cope with all the information he receives, while he is finally discovering the world of his father's. More, rather brutal murders or slayers follow, and the tension rises. This is a book with a lot of layers. I did guess the murderer rather early, much earlier than Marshall himself Yay! However, this book has so much more, and when you think you have come to the end it continues until the end. Or not? There seem to be yet another angle to the story. An absolutely fascinating read and a must read if you are interested in history and art.

It kept me thrilled until the very last page. Alex Connor has written another five books, also related to art, so there is hope of more exciting books. Review from my blog thecontentreader. A world that was his fathers passion, but never his. A world he was never interested in and kept his furtherest away from. But finding himself in this unfamialiar and often cruel and twisted world, Marshall soon realises that he himself, and several of the people he's close too are in danger.

Marshall's father Owen, wasn't just murdered randomly out of the blue, "If you know the truth, You will be silenced Marshall's father Owen, wasn't just murdered randomly out of the blue, his murder was because of something he had, something that has been passed on down to his son. And now Marshall wants to find out who killed his father, along with others, and who in the art world can he trust?

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With everyone a suspect, Marshall has to relie on his, not being a part of the art world, to save him. The Rembrandt Secret is obviously based on some facts and theories of Rembrandts life and some of the ways in which it could be interpreted. Not really knowing anything about Rembrandts life or his art didnt phase me when reading this book. I really liked it. Loved the fact that suspicion is put upon everyone and that not untill Marshall knows, do you know who is killing all these people.

And i think i was as shocked as Marshall was when i found out who it was. The Art world seems a scary, egotistical, get-one-up-on-your-friends type of place And i think if something like the story in the book was to happen, it wouldn't be that much different that the events in the book. I really liked this book..

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Apr 07, Christena Rulli rated it really liked it Shelves: own. The Other Rembrandt elevates the whodunit concept into the art world. Owen Ziegler is a struggling art gallery owner who is forced to sell his precious Rembrandt painting to a fellow art enthusiast. After being cheated, Ziegler is forced to take a loss and worry about keeping his gallery open. But Owen still has a card to play.

A package of letters by Geertje Dircx that explains how many paintings were done by Rembrandt's monkey and not by the master himself. This discovery could overturn the ar The Other Rembrandt elevates the whodunit concept into the art world. This discovery could overturn the art market by reevaluating each painting that was attributed to Rembrandt.

It's so important that it leads to the gruesome death of Ziegler and forces his son Marshall to wade into the art arena. As more deaths keep happening, Marshall realizes that each death is modeled after each of Rembrandt's paintings.

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Marshall also knows that whoever murdered his father was someone within the art world and someone he knows. As he travels between Amsterdam, London and New York, more secrets about his father become revealed and he doesn't know who to trust. Connor does an excellent job with keeping the suspense going and the ending is quite unpredictable.

You learn in the end that nothing is what it seems. Mar 18, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery , favorites , first-reads. When I signed up to win this book, I had a very high hope that I would win and especially high expectations about the book period. I love reading about historically significant people, places and times and I've read a lot of really great books by authors that write in this particular genre.

The Other Rembrandt was right up there with the best of them. I can't get enough of this book.

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I had already started rereading it before I sat down to write this review. I just can't put into words how much I loved reading The Other Rembrandt. It was so interesting how Alex Connor cut between the past and the present within the book.