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On July 20, therefore, Stauffenberg left a bomb concealed in a briefcase in the room where Hitler was conferring at his headquarters in East Prussia. The bomb duly exploded; but Hitler survived, and the coup in Berlin miscarried. The Nazi reaction was savage: besides immediately implicated conspirators, 5, people who were more remotely linked with the plot or were altogether unconnected with it were put to death.

Kluge committed suicide on August 17, Rommel on October Fear permeated and paralyzed the German high command in the weeks that followed. On August 7 a desperate counterattack by four panzer divisions from Mortain, east of Avranches, failed to seal the breach , and American tanks poured southward through the gap and flooded the open country beyond. Though some of the U. Meanwhile, more and more Allied troops were being landed in Normandy.

On August 1, two army groups were constituted: the 21st comprising the British and Canadian armies under Montgomery; and the 12th for the Americans under Bradley.

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The clandestine French Resistance in Paris rose against the Germans on August 19; and a French division under General Jacques Leclerc , pressing forward from Normandy, received the surrender of the German forces there and liberated the city on August It was his folly that enabled the Allies to liberate France so quickly. The fragments were incapable of further resistance, and their retreat which was largely on foot was soon outstripped by the British and American mechanized columns.

More than , German troops were taken prisoner in France, and 1, German tanks had been destroyed in the fighting. When the Allies approached the German border at the beginning of September, after a sweeping drive from Normandy, there was no organized resistance to stop them from driving on into the heart of Germany.

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Or perhaps it's the man he sees in his dreams—the one who looks just like his deceased father? Whatever it is, Alfonso is powerless to resist. Storytellers Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski take Alfonso on another fantastical quest to Dormia—and beyond—to a vast underground world that holds the answer to a terrifying message: Let me tell you of a dark shadow tree and the world's end.

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My thoughts: The characters are interesting, but I had a hard time investing in them because they live their lives being most productive while they are sleeping. Second book in the series. Great to read and enter a world that is different with the battle of greed to live forever as its theme. World's End. On this doomed quest, Jack will meet a lost love - the gorgeous but mysterious pirate Angelica - and be held prisoner on the horrifying Queen Anne's Revenge , the ship captained by the evil and dreaded Blackbeard!

The Pirates of the Caribbean Series 5 books in series. Book 1.

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