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In his version of Cinderella , a poor girl worked to the bone by her evil step sisters, finds a fairy godmother who transforms her from her sooty present just in time to attend a glamorous ball. Cinderella falls in love with the prince, but must leave at midnight. Amid all of her haste, Cindy leaves behind a glass slipper.

The prince finds her, all is happy, lots of music is played, the end. Source: Wikipedia. Clamoring at the opportunity to gain power and status, the scheming stepsisters cut off parts of their feet so that they might fit into the glass slipper.

The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales: Cinderella

Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. I've been reading The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter lately, which is really cool modern retellings of fairy tales, if you want to pick it up. But we wanted to talk a little bit about fairy tales and folk tales in general.

Sarah Dowdey: And the difference between them. Folk tales start with an oral tradition, and they are written down later.

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So they're kinda living things. Think about it. If you are telling a story over and over again, it will change sometimes slightly, sometimes in big ways. You might emphasis a part that you really like a lot and play down another.

13 Twisted Fairy Tales By The Brothers Grimm

Sarah Dowdey: Yeah, exactly, and then it would finally be written down and we would have a folk tale. Fairy tales contain magic. You could look at it as a subgenre of folk tales or a totally different thing. Katie Lambert: If you haven't picked up any fairy tales since your childhood, I highly recommend that you do. I took a Children's Lit class in college with Dr. It's a really fantastic edition. These tales are very dark.

There is frog sex and decapitated heads, so keep that in mind when you start reading. We could talk about fairy tales all day really, but we won'. Katie Lambert: The cool thing about them was that they wrote stories down like their neighbors and friends actually told them, mostly without messing too much with them. The science of folklore began with these two, so we are going to talk about where they came from. Jacob , Wilhelm Their parents were Philip Wilhelm Grimm - who was a lawyer - and Dorothea Grimm, and they were a solidly middle-class family - not the kind that is whose going to have a scary fairy tale childhood - until their father dies.

Katie Lambert: That was in, and it left them quite poor. Wilhelm was in bad health his whole life, and now Jacob at the age of 11 was the man of the family. Poor little guys! They soon went to live with an aunt, and they pretty much do everything together for the rest of their lives.

Sarah Dowdey: Yeah, because there they befriend Clemens Brentano, who was a German romantic who would go on to do very unusual works, taking the dictation of a nun who had received the stigmata. Katie Lambert: And Achim von Arnim who collected folk songs into a book which later really influenced Muller. The Grimms started collecting stories, and songs, and poems that they hoped would have been in this book, but when they weren't, they just kept doing it on their own.

Sarah Dowdey: They ran into more trouble in when their mother dies, and Jacob then has five siblings to care for and money is pretty tight.

Paint a Grimm fairy tale-inspired illustration

He and Wilhelm actually go hungry a lot of times, sharing a meal a day, something that, I don't know, makes their -. Sarah Dowdey: All the starving children in their fairy tales. He holds a lot of jobs to try to make enough money for the family too. He is a secretary to a war office and private librarian for the king of Westphalia. It's just sort of a tough time for the two brothers.

Katie Lambert: And they ended up in a library in Kassel, and officially gave up on the law to pursue their studies of folklore, because they'd finally found their calling. Their famous book, Kinder und Hausmarchen was published in , the first volume at least. The second part published in Sarah Dowdey: So all the familiar characters here. But we should say that these stories weren't new. They weren't making them up, or presenting them for the first time.

Beauty and the Beast

They're versions of stories that were told in many languages and in many cultures, just the specific versions they happened to copied down. Katie Lambert: And this book was for adults and children, not just kids. It wasn't at all poetic. Again, they wrote down stories the way people told them, so there were colloquialisms and, you know, it sounded a little bit more like dialogue.

Sarah Dowdey: Which this definitely reminds me of Dwight and his Grandma Ter reading this story about what happens to little children who suck on their thumbs, very bad things. Katie Lambert: But the book became incredibly popular in Germany, not immediately but a bit later.

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Once translated in the world - it's in languages now. You've probably seen some version of it. Katie Lambert: Although it may be a sanitized version. They saw six editions just in their lifetime. The final count was something like stories and ten children's legends. Speaking of the sanitized versions, they later cleaned up a lot of their tales to make them nicer for kids.

Rapunzel, for example, doesn't have premarital sex in the later ones, and no one dances herself to death in hot iron shoes.

5 Grimm Fairy Tales You Should Only Read to Kids You Hate

I thought that was funny because kids are so often are rather ghoulish and not innocent little angels and really enjoy some good-and-evil tales. Sarah Dowdey: Yeah. Well, and they take these tales pretty literally as cool magic stuff happening.