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Sound terrifying? Strangely in this chaotic city, with scarcely functioning traffic lights and narrow streets, traffic order does seem to miraculously self-regulate. For visitors looking to navigate the city centre — where entire families on mopeds fly by and pedestrians nonchalantly walk into the road expecting the cars to suddenly stop — there is little reason to drive.

Sophia Seymour is a travel writer, documentary maker and curator of bespoke tours in Naples. Follow her tweets SophiaSeymour2.

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Despite good public transport and an ever-improving network of bike lanes, Chicago remains stubbornly car-centric, making every hour feel like rush hour. Classic set of wheels: Fans of the iconic Chicago flick The Blues Brothers can make like the musicians on a mission from God in a 70s-era Dodge sedan. Bridge jumps and high-speed chases not advised. Follow her tweets CateHuguelet. The veritable sea of motorbikes in any big Vietnamese city can make just crossing the road a daunting task.

Pedestrians can raise their hand high when crossing the street to be seen above the fray, but should watch out for impatient motorists who have no qualms about driving on the pavement. Classic set of wheels: For a throwback to colonial-era times, vintage Vespas are all the rage. Not only will you look cool zipping around with the wind blowing through your helmeted hair, the solid front panel protects you from backsplash on rainy days.

Follow his tweets trvlwrtr. Indicate right but roll up to the far left lane; there should be a right-turning arrow painted on the ground. Stay put until the traffic lights on the road you are turning into are green, then go for it. Other than that, stay out of bus and cycle lanes always check for cyclists when opening your door and avoid Punt Road like the plague when the football is on — or any major event near the city for that matter.

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Sofia Levin is a Melbourne-based food and travel journalist. Follow her tweets sofiaklevin. Follow her tweets EsmeFox. You need to be alert and aggressive to navigate these congested streets where pedestrians and cats cross as they please and drivers bring their cars to a halt in the middle of traffic to chat with friends. Rumour has it that there are laws that govern these streets, but as a visitor, it may be unclear what these are and whether anyone is abiding by them.

Import taxes on automobiles are exorbitant, and the cost of living is high while salaries tend to be low , so a hybrid sedan is a practical choice.

Sunny Fitzgerald is an Amman-based travel writer who prefers the passenger seat or, better yet, her own two feet. Although legislation has been proposed numerous times for a statewide ban on smoking in the car while children are present, only a handful of states across the country have done so thus far.

However, the City of Tempe has a law that prohibits anyone from smoking in a vehicle with a person under 18 years of age in the vehicle.

Be aware that most of our cities and towns in the metro Phoenix area are adjacent, with little notice of when you're leaving one and entering another. It may just be safer to not smoke with the kids in the car at all in Arizona. Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

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By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. Share Pin Email. Children: While every state has its own laws about car and booster seats for children, Arizona's are based on age and height rather than weight. Children ages 5 through 7 younger than 8 and four foot, nine inches or shorter must ride in a vehicle in a booster seat while children under the age of 5 must ride in a car seat.

Alcohol: In Arizona, there is no amount of alcohol that is exempt from driving under the influence DUI laws. While you are certain to be fined or incarcerated for blood-alcohol readings of 0. A police officer may not stop you for that, but it might be added as an additional offense if you are stopped for any other reason. Roundabouts: Travel circles and roundabouts are becoming popular in Arizona, especially on less-traveled streets and in smaller cities and towns. Cities are finding they are cheaper than traffic lights, keep traffic moving, and, if there are fender benders, they tend to be much less serious with drivers traveling at a slower pace. - Rules of the Road

In Sedona alone, there are over 11 roundabouts. Cell phones: As of April , Arizona became the 48th state to ban the use of cellular devices while operating a motor vehicle. However, Distracted driving: The distracted-driving law in Arizona pertains to speeding violations. An officer may write a citation to a driver for eating, shaving, applying make-up, putting ketchup on a burger, etcetera, if that driver is speeding while doing so. Motorcycle helmets: Arizona does not have a law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets if they are over 18 years of age, but drivers 18 and younger must wear one.

The Move Over Law: If you see emergency vehicles on the side of the road, you must give them ample space by moving over one lane if it is not dangerous to do so. If you cannot move over safely, you must reduce your speed at least 10 miles under the speed limit as you pass the emergency vehicle. Tolls: Arizona doesn't have highway tolls.

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There are no monthly highway passes, tickets to punch, confusing highway lanes, or extra charges from rental car companies for using toll roads since there are no toll roads. After all, maintaining roads and highways is expensive, and budgets are always tight. Call if you've been in a car accident or need assistance immediately. AAA and other roadside assistance programs private are also available across the state.

Someone who is not familiar with the streets of Downtown Phoenix can be easily confused, not only by the one-way streets and street restrictions but also by trying to avoid turning into the tracks. When you are driving on a north-to-south highway like I or SR, you will cross over the Loop twice, once over the northern part of the oval Red Mountain and once over the southern part of the oval Santan. Our advice is to stay out of not only the suicide lane but also the left lane to avoid cars swerving into it from the suicide lane. Public Transportation in Phoenix.

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