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I honestly feel so grateful for her and her program. I would recommend this program to anyone who is ready to get clear of their purpose, because once you know what that is for you — it really opens up more doors and opportunities to start saying yes to the right things that are going to lead you down a path that will inspire you. Completing the Purpose Program was an eye-opening experience that really helped to narrow down the main areas I need to focus on in life to live my Purpose. Definitely recommend! Emma, Scientist.

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Loren has been coaching me for about 2 months and in that time I have gotten to know her as a very professional, proactive and supportive coach. She gave me the freedom to guide the themes of the coaching sessions based on what I needed most at the time. Her coaching sessions were powerful and I felt comfortable sharing my fears, worries and thoughts. I have also learnt some very useful techniques that I can take away with me and use whenever I need to. I feel more grounded now and I have a better understanding of who I am. I was happy with how the sessions went under her guidance and support and would recommend her to anyone.

I came to Loren for weekly coaching sessions having just made a move interstate and wanting to take the next big step in my career by launching my own counselling business.

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A big thank you Loren. Brooke C. Before working with Loren I had done my own personal development work and really loved the new learnings and growth I got from that. However I still felt lack of clarity in my direction and real purpose. I always felt I was destined for greater things but kept getting in my own way. John N.

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The Purpose Program was exactly what I needed in order to get to the next stage in my journey. Knowing your purpose is foundational to both professional and personal development. I would recommend working with Loren to anyone who is looking to live a life they are truly obsessed with. The Purpose Program challenges you in so many ways and has allowed me to cut years worth of learning by aligning my actions, personal values and ultimate vision with my purpose.

I originally enrolled in the program to try and understand what career path would be best suited to me. It was so much more than that.

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It challenged my train of thought and provided a platform to plan my future. Loren is a very passionate individual. She consistently challenges you to unearth the truth about who you are.

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Garth H. Loren helped me to understand myself and see my gifts and special traits that would unlock my purpose. She helped me question my beliefs and to understand the road blocks I have within myself and how to overcome them. I know my purpose now. During the course I also unlocked and understood what the right career path is for myself as it ties in with my purpose. I feel at peace and I know the reason in which I was brought on this earth for.

Just as Loren has done for me. Doing the purpose course was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I came to Loren as one big question mark: What am I doing? There were many aspects of building a business that were new to me, and that I had to understand and learn at so many levels. I discovered so many of the answers through our sessions. Loren is smart, sharp, and creative.

Yanir, Marketing Expert. I found Loren by chance one day. We chatted for a while about family, life, Kinesiology and what direction I was hoping to go in personally and with my business. I had been thinking of sending my building company and my personal life in a new direction so over a coffee with Loren I decided to engage her as my business coach.

She really is one in a million! Start by telling Archangel Haniel what you want to shift or bring into your life. Then watch for synchronicities—meaningful coincidences—that are clues from Haniel.

But when we narrow the lens to focus in on just one individual human life, the possibilities likewise narrow significantly. We each have a specific destiny to live out on earth, which incorporates our natural talents and passions, as well as people and places we were meant to experience. Yet there is definitely a lot of wiggle room here, so if what you want to manifest falls within the broad parameters of your destiny, Haniel is eager to help you manifest it.

Haniel is also bound by the constraints of earthly existence. If you ask to manifest a million dollars out of thin air, Haniel probably cannot help you. But if you ask to manifest a down payment for a house, Haniel might help you get a raise at your current job, help you find extra part-time work, offer ideas about whom you could borrow the money from or even make a suggestion about a different investment that is more suited to your current lifestyle and financial resources. Spirit and the angels are always in your corner, working to make your earthly journey as dynamic and meaningful as possible.

However, Spirit has gifted every human with free will, and manifestation is the perfect vehicle to exercise your free will.

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When we ask heaven to help us with something specific, we unlock the power of our free will and allow the angels to provide us with even more guidance and intervention. And when we use our free will to ask an archangel to help us with manifestation, we are calling on one of the most influential angels in heaven. Do you remember how you felt when you were in college and you had BIG ideas and nothing was going to stop you? This is your chance to get direct feedback from me. You must listen LIVE to qualify for your chance to win. Already know that you want to become a Manifestation Master? Click here.

Yay, manifesting works! Jen has such positive energy that I knew she would be great to work with on a deeper level.

So I signed up for Manifestation Masters. I made huge strides in my business and I manifested a fabulous new assistant. I definitely recommend Manifestation Masters! What a great program!!

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I feel myself opening up and calming down on a daily basis. Allowing is my new mantra.