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The NORC studies virtually all aspects of obesity ranging from molecular biology to epidemiology. Investigators include molecular biologists, physicians, psychologists, statisticians, physiologists, epidemiologists, and nutritionists. Announcing the new Research Administration Forum RAF , an important meeting series to share updates on UAB processes and procedures, research hot topics, new federal regulations, and other critical details from the Office of the Vice President for Research.

Research Administration Forum. The first RAF is Wed. This RFA will support projects that will identify strategies to improve readthrough of premature termination codons and to develop new tools and model systems that will accelerate the development of nonsense-directed therapies for CF. Applicants should consider stage of their project and available preliminary data to determine which mechanism is appropriate.

Applications are due October 24th. The eRA Communications team recently posted an alert reminding the research community to thoroughly check assembled application images in eRA Commons.

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This alert comes after multiple reports of blank pages appearing in the application images. The eRA team is investigating the issue to identify the cause and resolve as soon as possible. Please see the original announcement PDF for more details regarding the issue as well as guidance if the issue impacts your application. It is the responsibility of grant applicants to review their assembled application images during the 2-day application viewing window. This page location is:.

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Sign In. UAB Quicklinks. Research News Digest for Thursday, May 09, Content Editing Area 1. Murat Tanik. Finding Your Inner Modeler Predoc T32 Fellowship Opening. Reports Updated on Tuesdays. May I submit a new renewal Type 2 A0? After the brief awareness of available formal and mathematical modeling techniques, a new modeling method derived from coding theory Hamming , Communication theory Shannon , and discrete transformations Fourier will be introduced as a first-principle and Scale-invariant formal modeling technique to tackle long-time resistant problems as well as some ordinary problems in engineering and science.

Exposition will be conceptual and informal. Anyone wishing to write research proposals in their domain of expertise using this new technique are encouraged to talk to me for a possible selection after the presentation. Our claim is that this is a completely new way of approaching to problems in engineering and science as communication systems.

Scott Dougan , University of Georgia Dr. Why GATE? Funding available for pilot feasibility studies on obesity and health disparities. Bioinformatics PowerTalk Seminar Series. Free Flu Vaccine Clinics. Read More. Read Full Article. NIH Notices — September 20, Boost Your Research Career. Attention Faculty and Administrators! Do not miss out on critical updates - Ensure your research thrives!

New forms and changes in the IRB will reduce your administrative burden New Federal guidelines that will affect how you perform research and collaborate New UAB procedures will impact your next grant submission.

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Content Editing Area 3. Try to identify the true purpose of your life as in society has much more in common with the Middle an individual human being—or even the meaning of Ages or the Renaissance than with the 19th or early life in general? As you start thinking along these lines, 20th centuries. So right now, as the most all.

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Concentrate on the questions. That in itself has tremendous value. It you can do it. It ers are losing. The genius of making money may be was a sense of ultimate purpose in service of a worthy a more ambiguous category than other categories of cause.

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How can you bring that sense of mission into genius, but there certainly are some strong arguments your own life? What are your big, worthy dreams? If for taking it very seriously. And making a lot have intervened?

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Because of all these realities, I want to end ple who have put aside any ideas about changing the this session with some attention to what we might call country or the world. Those has led millions of people into a cleverly constructed things are great, but can you see the difference be- money trap. Our view of artistic genius is both new importance of money and neither minimizes that im- and old. This is the phenomenon of negative material reality.

For Edi- learn mainly by making mistakes. But fortunately, we son, it was a matter of looking at the world around have a built-in sense of pride in the fact that we can him, and asking himself the same few questions about learn and we have the gift of memory that allows us to everything he saw: How can this be improved? That the logical next step for this object? Most importantly, prevents us from repeating all of them over and over what can I do today toward taking that step? Right again. Try looking at the world through Ed- able to learn from your mistakes.

What would he have seen that you might ter and better at spotting the need for change before have missed in your ordinary way of seeing things?

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Focus on these eight of time each day. Nothing is more healing and healthful. Nothing is more courageous. Martin Luther King— knowing yourself. Over the course of time, these are probably the ones who have had the greatest If I were to isolate one lesson from the philosophy impact on humanity. For a spiritual genius, that actions. Very simply put, self-correction is continu- intangible something becomes supremely important. Tony Alessandra, All Rights Reserved in All Media All of us have goals about what we want to accom- full potential that existed within us during our lives— plish with our families or in our careers, but what do and we ourselves will judge the extent to which we we want to accomplish at the level of our souls?

This is often sibility that your hidden genius represents. If you want to further your depth keep them in mind and read the remaining 11 eRe- of genius, read all the eReports in the Genius Series, ports in the Genius series. So get started. You were or only the ones that interest you or that you want to given talents.

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  • Now put them to use. Here are two ideas that you can begin applying im- mediately: First, stop shrugging off compliments that others pay to you. Secondly, surround yourself with people who possess genius in areas that are different from your strengths. Learn to admire their gifts, appreciate your differences and let them educate you. In this fable, the judgment that each of us will face after our death is revealed.

    Alessandra was inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame in He is also Dr. Alessandra is president of Online Assessments www. To learn more about Dr.

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    Alessandra and his services, visit www. Tony Alessandra. For more information, call: x2 or email: info PlatinumRuleGroup. Read Free For 30 Days. Description: sample.

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