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Rogue Reaper is an action-adventure game, taking place at the end of the Dark Ages during the rise of the plague. Trying to relieve her father from his work of managing the massive influx of souls, the daughter of the Grim Reaper sets out on an adventure to find and destroy the cause of the plague.

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Alle anmeldelser:. Fireroot Studios. Udgiver: Fireroot Studios.

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Del Indlejr. Start spil. Om dette spil Rogue Reaper is the first part of the vision for an action-adventure game, taking place at the end of the Dark Ages during the rise of the plague. Gameplay Rogue Reaper is an action-adventure game in which you will utilize mobility, attacks and moving objects around to get through small scenario's consisting of obstacles and enemies. Because of your limited energy, you will have to be careful in your approach. Along the road you will explore a town in which you will fight against manifestations of the plague. Key Features Play as the daughter of the Grim Reaper as she takes up her fight against the plague.

Use your scythe to fight against the manifestations of the plague. Jump, wallrun and dash around the level in order to find the right places to strike from.

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Use objects to your advantage with your telekinetic abilities. Explore during the end of the Dark Ages as it was ravaged by the plague in this alternate reality. Invest in abilities that makes you specialize in three different ways. Se alle.

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Copy URL. Act Season 5. Season 4. All shall be as I prophesied Jul 25, UTC Learn more. ACT Part 2.


Part 1. Part 3. New Area.

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Everyday The times listed above are based on the default schedule on our system. Any updates to the schedule will be announced by a separate notice. Successful Back attacks or attacking while stealthed temporarily increase Physical Weapon Attack Power. Grabs an enemy and attacks his vital point quickly without unnecessary movement.

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This series of vital strikes, delivered with the least amount of effort, are not only efficient, but also a sight to behold. Quickly steps forward and attacks an enemy in front, all the while spinning furiously. If the attack hits the target from the front, then the Shadow Dancer delivers a slash using her turning force.