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We stimulate you with pleasant, entertaining repetition until it becomes effortless to you. Portals 1 through 5 Online include access to our community Forum for sharing, friendship, and support. Each course Portal vibrates and attunes you to a higher frequency. Portal 1 moves you out of suffering and struggle. Portal 2 moves you into living in ease and flow, and so on. New visitors, begin here!

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Even spiritually advanced people get enormous value from Portal 1 because Divine Openings is different. It's a revolutionary vortex of light and intelligence you haven't experienced anywhere else. Portal 1 gives you the foundational principles to transform your life. End suffering and seeking, or raise a high vibration to new heights.

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Audio book of foundational book at left included FREE! The new paradigm beyond "problem focus. Completely new material than Portal 1. Let us answer your questions about courses and retreats. Call Lola's assistant, Cara, at and she will ask Lola if she can't answer it. If you're international, leave a message and she will return your call. If you have a MagicJack phone, your call is toll free! Or email: admin lolajones.

Twenty one short modules for quick, easy daily tuneups. Formerly called 21 Days of Awakening, it can be done over months if you prefer, but 21 straight days will have you soaring. Integrate, expand, evolve easier than ever before, and get primed for a powerful quantum leap when you move to Portal 4, Jumping the Matrix.

Register, learn more. We surf the waves and rave about what we are blessed with. We know few people who have finished JTM, because it's so rich and deep you tend to savor small sections as you apply it in your life. We add more leading edge material, and you go back and enjoy again at a deeper level.

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At this level, you never want it to end anyway. Learn about it, register. Additional, Optional Courses, for those at any level:. Be mentored by Lola and another Mentor for a year, just for your own development, or to become a leading edge spiritual counselor or coach, a Divine Openings Guide. In German too! Register, learn more Now newly updated, and almost completely In German too! If ecstatic sex isn't a key element of your spiritual life and relationship, what are you waiting for? Register, take a free trial, learn more.

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Energize your body with movement, profoundly relaxing poses, body alignment, and experience deeper meditation. Try a sample video. Specific topics are covered in each of these quick help courses, for those who cannot yet afford a comprehensive course, or who need laser focused help for a particular crisis. Learn more and register. I want to know what to do and I me, me me! It inspired me to transcend rigidity, live in flow and become even more of who I really AM , which is eternally evolving. How about you? Imagine what will happen!

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Certain experiences in life are a MUST once you know that they exist. One of these experiences — unlike any other — is Goddess Garden. I want to clarify something…. Tune in to the difference in the vibration of the Words we choose and how they influence our focus and perception. Why is Goddess Garden so profoundly life-changing for women? This is why so many women continue coming back — and bringing the women in their family, their friends and colleagues!

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Key to peace happiness and freedom? Thank you Jenn for graciously sharing!!!! It was life-altering!!! I visioned and created the Goddess Garden because I was inspired by amazing women like Mary Peterson , a real estate professional, and mother of two who brought her teenage daughter Montana with her to Goddess Garden.

It truly exceeded ALL of my expectations! Get the full details of this — not to be missed — Goddess Garden Advancement by clicking here now. A beautiful, empowering event, with discoveries about our inner essence and the divine feminine that resides in each of us. Looking forward to being with the amazing women that show up for themselves… as we commune and evolve our selves we improve and enhance the communities we go home to…. The house is large enough to spread out and small enough to still connect. The eco-kaupapa, with easy systems in place to follow, help keep you grounded to the land as do the story and accessibility of the beautifully growing Rongo forest.

Skip to content. Come and spend some time at a facilitated spiritual retreat. Rest, be quiet and listen.