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The lashes sticky with sunlight. Which means you do not. And so.

The state of the ozone layer

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Layers of Earth's Atmosphere - Windows to the Universe

Academy of American Poets. National Poetry Month. American Poets Magazine. Poems Find and share the perfect poems. Narrow Flame Dark still. Twelve degrees below freezing. Tremor along the elegant, injured right front leg of the gelding on the cross-ties.

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Kneeling girl. The undersong of waters as she bathes the leg in yet more cold. Linda Gregerson Bicameral 1 Choose any angle you like, she said, the world is split in two. On one side, health and dumb good luck or money, which can pass for both , and elsewhere. A thing so easily mended, provided you have the means. I've always thought it was odd, this part my nursing school embryology , this cleft in the world that has to happen and has to heal.

At first the first division, then the flood of them, then the migratory plates that make a palate when they meet and meeting, divide the chambers, food from air. The suture through which the upper lip we face the world.

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It falls a little short sometimes, as courage does. Bolivia once, in May I'd volunteer on my vacations , and the boy was nine. I know the world has harsher things, there wasn't a war, there wasn't malice, I know, but this one broke me down. They brought him in with a bag on his head. It was burlap, I think, or sisal. They hadn't so much as cut eyeholes. Hence the name.

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  4. And common enough in Warsaw decades later it was , despite some efforts in The Hague. I don't remember all of it, he wasn't even German, but my mother's arm— that capable arm—was severed at the shoulder, made a single shot a strange thing altogether. I haven't been able since to think the other way is normal, all these arms and legs.

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    This living-in-the-body-but-not-of-it. The weaver and her coat-of-manyharrowings. If fiber found in situ, in agave, say, the living cells that drink and turn the sun to exoskeleton, is taken from the body that in part it constitutes the succulent or mammal and its ex- quisite osmotics , is then carded, cut, dissevered in one fashion or another from the family of origin, and gathered on a loom, the body it becomes will ever bind it to the human and a trail of woe.

    Or so the garment argues. These were hung as in an abattoir. Her work includes several haiku collections and books dealing with haiku, and she is the editor of the magazine Hototogisu.

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