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Detective Paws and The Case of the Golden Cat

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The Golden Cat (Tag, the Cat, book 2) by Gabriel King

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The Golden Cat

This took my breath away! Purrsanthema - Thank you ever so dearly! Purrs, and Blaze Achew Pandamonium, cat editor extraordinaire. Purrsanthema - Thank you dearly! Congratulations on the bronze award you received for this fine poem.

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I found it to be very similar in spirit to my eagle poem Looking forward to seeing you in That's a lovely compliment! Well Done! Mary Ann x.

The Mystery of The Golden Cat!

Purrsanthema - Thank you ever so much!!!!!!!!!!! Aesthete - Ah, you draw the reader into the trance, compelled to follow you in your tale. Totally intriguing to the point of being mesmerizing. An excellent mystery adventure! Purrsanthema - Thank you so very dearly!!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful comment!

NickBaker - To be honest I'm not a terribly big cat lover won't go into details! Form freak that I am, the c,d,e, rhyming scheme in the second stanza is really effective. Purrsanthema - As you probably know, I'm a cat fanatic. I've known them since infancy and I adore them. To each his own. I absolutely adore Keats.

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A very observant comment. Janice M Pickett - Yikes! LOL love your poem but Hate cats with a passion Only because they tease, then torment their prey to death. Then leave them lying there. Cats are cruel.