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The first and most obvious alarm bell is when Ashley, your underperformer, stops meeting expectations. The quality of her work is always poor and she doesn't act on your suggestions for improvement, even though you've told her exactly what you're expecting from her. Your team needs to work in concert, like Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

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Remember: While chemistry is desired in a workgroup, not everyone is going to get along perfectly. Each and every organization, including yours, has a set of core values it stands by. Because you can always coach a person in work-related skills and get them up to speed. But it's hands-down impossible to change a person's workplace value system.

Hint: This is a great thing to keep in mind while hiring , too. It's not all about skill and expertise — if a candidate doesn't fall in line with your company values, they're not going to fit well even if they're the most qualified for the job. Should she go or should she stay? Though it may be tempting to just fire her, it may not always be the best route.

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It's costly and time-consuming to replace her. To help her get out of her underperforming slump, you can offer up help in a few ways to see if there's an underlying problem you didn't see before. Ideally, just like all your team members, Ashley needs to be aware of clear-cut expectations. Otherwise, she might not even know she's blowing it. They help employees along by very clearly setting quantitative goals, so they can easily gauge how well they're doing on a certain task. If not, provide the necessary help to get Ashley's skills up to speed. You can do this as a manager with 1-on-1 meetings , outsource with other experienced employees in your company, or go with formal training materials.

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Don't forget those soft skills , too. Especially if she's on the front line with your customers — like sales or customer service — you want to ensure she can handle interpersonal challenges as well. The next step is communicating to Ashley how you plan to help her get better. With the above lessons in tow, start writing out goals you have for her performance over the next three months.

Right : Write 12 high-quality articles a month, for the company's blog or as guest posts. Wrong : Get 12 backlinks per month via guest posting. Ashley has no control over how many of her pieces will be published by other blogs. Wrong : Rebuild a Kawasaki 55 HP outboard engine. This doesn't help the company at large unless you specialize in outboard engines.

After the goals have been set and Ashley knows what they are, check in with her progress during regularly scheduled meetings throughout the three-month period. That way, you can see how she's doing and readjust the goals if necessary. In turn, she can also ask questions and voice any concerns. After giving Ashley all the tools she needs to up her performance, you should see a significant improvement in her work performance.

I know it's tough, but it has to be done. Whether you're planning on firing Ashley or just want to warn her that her performance is unacceptable, the best way to start is by sharing your feedback. The key here is specifics. Back up each instance with examples, including facts, numbers, observations, etc. The more you can support your point, the harder it is for Ashley to dispute.

Because it's a tough conversation, Ashley can have a range of different responses you need to be prepared for:. Every one of those reactions is understandable and okay, as long as you both can agree on a course of action. Whether it's setting a new, more in-depth three-month plan or assigning her a direct mentor to check her work and help her learn, if you're planning on keeping Ashley around, you have to be prepared to put forth some extra resources.

As a manager, you have to spin a lot of plates in your ever-demanding role. Dealing with underperformance is one of them. Give all your employees — especially those falling behind — lots of coaching.

Pinning Down the Poor Performer

Set clear standards. If they still fall short of your expectations, be ready to let them go. The advice we share on our blog is intended to be informational. It does not replace the expertise of accredited business professionals. Max Woolf is a writer. In his spare time, Max enjoys biking and traveling to European countries.

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Looking for the right small business payroll software can feel overwhelming. To manage poor performers back to peak productivity, you and your management team should avoid these big mistakes. Fortunately, these difficult conversations are a great opportunity for employees to air their own concerns. When managers notice a problem, even in its early stages, a meeting with their employee should be arranged.

During the talk, address the issue you see, support it with observations you have made and finish with possible solutions you believe will help in the future. Remain calm and diplomatic, ensuring the employee has a chance to respond to each of your statements. An engaged employee feels understood and can connect to their position as it relates and supports the company.

Do not make it a personal attack. For you and the safety of the employee, all conversations and emails surrounding a performance problem should be recorded and documented. When it comes to just about any touchy subject, we should expect the best but plan for the worst. These paper trails will help your management team to have the most accurate information and can observe patterns, improvements or lack of improvement. Of course, all employee feedback meetings should be tracked. The more information your team has at its disposal, the more detailed a discussion you can provide during performance review time.

That said, treating an employee differently in front of coworkers or even among the management team is placing you in a compromising situation. No matter how subtle you feel you are, others will notice.

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The result could be more disengaged employees, office gossip and an overall toxic culture. Always remember that as a manager or leader, you are supposed to be setting the example for how you want other employees, future leaders and current leaders to act.

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Poor performance can stem from a multitude of places and the point of addressing problems is to avoid seeing them again. Attitude issues need a performance plan that the employee understands completely. When it comes to missed KPIs and goals, a performance plan may work, but you might still be missing the root of the issue.

The Performance Management Revolution

Instead, use your meeting to discuss the challenges your employee is facing and how those struggles are relating to their position. Even increased responsibility could make a positive difference in productivity. In these cases, no matter what you do, there is a chance they will never succeed within your office, however, not every performance problem falls on to the employee.