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I'm talking about the students outside of your church walls.

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The students who will never, on their own, ever show up for one of your events or outreaches. Reaching these students can be done, but you might need to think bigger than you have in the past. You might need to consider what it takes not just to reach individual teenagers, but to become a true resource for your community. What if your church were known in your community as a place where teenagers could go to find hope, purpose, and community? It's a big task. However, if becoming a true resource to your community is something that you and your church are passionate about, here are 10 steps to get you started.

Sound complicated? It's not easy, that's for sure. But if you are truly seeking to effectively meet the needs of the teenagers in your community, you owe it to them and to yourself to be armed with the right information. Wasting your time and energy meeting a need that may not even really exist is the last thing anyone wants.

How Can We Reach Youth Today?

By approaching the needs of the teenagers in your community using these 10 steps, you will be in an excellent position to mobilize resources to meet the needs of those teenagers outside of the influence of the church. Share your thoughts with the youth ministry community:. This promotional offer is only good for orders shipping to the contiguous 48 States. Promotional value not valid for cash or cash equivalent toward purchases. Orders may arrive in business days.

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Print Email This Article Tweet. Get the groove on. It's the Battle of the Bands each winter in Ginghamsburg. Not only do teens grab their guitars, drums and keyboards for the competition, but they also bring their friends and family, because winners are selected based on fan support.

Manny Scott – April 1, 12222 The Power Of One And How To R.E.A.C.H. Youth Today

Other musical ideas include hosting age- and content-appropriate concerts and dances. Take a road trip. Let youth see what's beyond their neighborhood.

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Tour the best pizza joints in a neighboring big city. Head to the slopes or to sand and waves. Youth will enjoy having the opportunity to travel, hanging with their friends and stretching their "adult" muscles. Get out the door. Host opportunities for teens and college students to get outdoors in your community.

Invite them to pick up a paddle, grab a paintball gun or put on their hiking boots. Provide transportation. YMI is dedicated to changing this statistic. Randy Smith as he ministered to youth workers in East Africa in The faith and courage as demonstrated by three young teenagers are inspiring lessons for all of us.


Meet the Groms as they prepare for service. As a result of our training programs in countries around the world YMI youth leaders, serving in more than 10, churches, have seen over , young people come to faith in Christ. We will not flood your inbox with messages. But we would like to share with you our monthly update which features a report from one of our YMI Trainers along with a highlight feature of a national trainer.