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Joanne Woodward, 64, has achieved a kind of Zen state concerning such goings-on. After 37 years of marriage to Paul Newman, still a silver-haired hunk at age 70, she has come to regard rumors and suspicions about Other Women simply as part of her life. Once male stars told courtly, embarrassment-saving lies. I had a very rude awakening. The idea that I was always cheating on my wife while we were together is rubbish. For better or worse, things have changed. Sex symbols are publicly confessing their sins. Give me a break.

The aphrodisiac powers of celebrity cannot be denied. In his new biography of newspaper columnist Walter Winchell, Neal Gabler claims that even Ed Sullivan had his lusting admirers and carried on an affair with a glamorous chorus girl. And L. There may be something to be said, actually, for keeping a short leash on Loverboy—and getting in sync with his career goals.

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Cruise, 32, and Kidman, 27, seem to have one of the happier marriages in Hollywood. They are openly affectionate—and they spend hours together with their daughter Isabella, 2, skiing in Telluride, Colo.

The secret of their marital success? Sometimes, the wives of coveted husbands report, the raging egoism is just as nerve-racking as the philandering. I insist on people blatantly pursuing other jobs, travels, sports, whatever.

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This was my first date in 15 years. After 18 turbulent months, my husband had only recently moved out. My divorce from their father, Brian Monet, had yet to be finalised. But there was no going back. My feelings — and those of all four of my children, who loved him dearly — were incredibly raw.

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But I was single now and, therefore, free to go out with whoever I chose. However, as any woman in my position will attest, getting back in the dating saddle after any long-term relationship ends never feels quite that simple. Husband number one: Ukrika Jonsson married cameraman John Turnbull in The pair divorced after five years of marriage in Pictured at the premiere for Wayne's World 2.

It would take more than divorce papers to free me of that. This low ebb manifested itself in fairly predictable ways. So why on earth might anyone else see me that way? Meanwhile, my sense of self, not just as a person, but also as a sensuous being, was non-existent. Picturing myself across a restaurant table with someone new for the first time in 15 years, waiting to see if any sexual energy might ignite between us, felt beyond daunting.

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The thought of emotionally and physically interacting with another man in order to have sex with him filled me with terror. Actually, it was on the cards only because of my TV work. You feel a part of it all when some tiny or big flame is lit and hope tugs at the heart.

So you can see why I was tempted. But they said nothing of the sort. It was, the girls told me, a brilliant idea, a treat I deserved and needed. Even so, I was shocked by their obvious excitement. Their enthusiasm buoyed me.

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In truth, it was far too soon even to think about looking for anyone new. But maybe it was time for me to start moving forwards — to do something outside of my comfort zone that might help me feel a bit better about myself. My eldest son, Cameron, agreed with his sisters. When I was going on Celebrity MasterChef, he blurted it out to a stranger at the checkout in Waitrose long before the line-up had been made public.

Husband number three: Ulrika married Brian Monet in Pictured together in As far as he was concerned, I simply had to go away for work. Which, in theory, is all this was. Their questions — age, personality — stumped me. The men in my life have been so different: various ages, professions and looks. I went from my age of 28 up to 38 as I wouldn't want to date anyone younger, and I thought about ten years older than me seemed about right.

I also set a maximum distance radius of 20 miles. If you both swipe for each other, it's a match and it's then down to the woman to message first, but she must do so within 24 hours or the match is lost. If you really like someone, you can give them a 'super like' and there are up to three super likes to use per day. There is also a cap on the amount of profiles that you can vet in one day, but you can pay for an unlimited account should you so wish.

This means there are no caps on the amount of swipes you can have, and in theory more opportunities to find a match. For the past week I've been diligently scrolling through the guys in my area, and have made these observations along the way. Bumble is known as a 'feminist dating app' and was designed to eradicate the damsel in distress attitude, where women are seen as needing a man to take the lead, empowering women to make the first move with a man she's interested in.

It cuts out the polite chat you make with guys you're not that interested in after they've messaged you and it makes you put in the effort and invest a bit if time into who you've decided to speak to. There is also the option of 'message hints' in the app, which populates options for the woman to pick from in order to introduce herself to a man she's matched with if she's in need of inspiration and wants to say a little more than 'hey, how are you? I went a bit out there with one of the pre-generated questions and asked: "If there was one thing you could change about society, what would it be?

This made me laugh and also made me think that guys must hear a lot of the same questions, but I still thought it was better than just saying hi. Some pre-populated messages really were a bit cringy though and I couldn't bring myself to ask them and wondered if any woman would actually use them.

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Another nifty feature was the ability to send pictures in the app. Summing yourself up in a certain amount of words is really difficult, especially when you don't want to sound too full of self importance. I went with what I thought was a jokey bio and it seemed to work as I had a fair few matches. But let's be honest, the interest I got, without being narcissistic, was probably because of the pictures. As that's really what everyone judges a potential partner on - how they look. Speaking of pictures, with the option of only adding six, it was hard to decide which to upload.

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I had a couple of pictures of me on my travels that I wanted to use but then they were from a couple of years ago, so I wasn't sure whether to add them or not. I also didn't have that many pictures on my own, but I decided not to put one in with my friends as it would be a bit of effort for the guy to work out who I actually was in the group. Not that I've changed dramatically, but I thought some recent pics might be the best bet and added only the one selfie and a couple of full body shots as well as a travel picture that I still stuck in there.

In terms of the guys profiles, I was a lot more interested in chatting to those with a bio that showed interests that I could talk to them about, so I think they're definitely worth adding. I kept an eye on the question about kids as I didn't really want to match with a man with children. Saying that, in the age group I was looking at a lot of fellas did already have children so this did narrow down my options. So after all that swiping and chatting on the app, it gets to a stage where either the guys were asking for my number or vice versa as it's so much easier to message on WhatsApp.

As you start speaking to a few people, you keep having to remind yourself who your are speaking to and to check you are not asking them the same question again they have already answered. A guy that I gave my number to seemed really nice and funny when we continued messaging off the app and he asked me out for a drink, so I thought "what do I have to lose? But one of the hard things about online dating is the fact you've only seen what someone looks like from their pictures rather than in the flesh. This became a problem for me when I entered the pub as nearby the bar was a man that smiled and nodded at me when I walked in, almost like he was expecting me.

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