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But there's not much to go on. At their first and only meeting, Rob, a poor but honest paralegal at Bates, Inc. He'd told her little, promised to say more in a day or so when he was surer of himself.

DAWSON, Janet 1949-

He had, however, produced for her scrutiny this highly unfriendly note: "Back off if you know what's good for you. Rob, she's convinced, was a wannabe whistle-blower trying to muster the courage. But to reveal what? Undercover, she goes, in Bates's legal department, sniffing away in file cabinets and computer banks.

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Before long, she discovers two varieties of contamination—one emanating from a bacteria-laden shipment of the company's ice cream, the other from the smelly conspiracy to cover that up. Standard for this series A Credible Threat, , etc. Which is to say the puzzle is decently presented and legitimately solved, but Jeri's as unrelievedly bland as Bates vanilla. For Oakland p. Jeri Howard, the cause is as important as the case. So the episodes of vandalism at her ex-stepdaughter's rooming house in Berkeley, though they sound like no big deal, are just her meat, since she soon connects them to some menacing phone calls and incidents of up-close-and-personal harassment against Vicki Vernon and several of her housemates—activist law student Sasha Nichols, abortion clinic escort Rachel Steiner, women's center volunteer Marisol Gallegos.

Throughout Jeri's preliminary investigation of the ways Vicki and her housemates have been hit on, threatened, and abused, you get the exhilarating feeling that her work is coming to terms with issues larger and more solid than just the odd murder. But then the genre's imperative kicks in, and Jeri remembers an eight-year-old homicide she and her mentor Errol Seville never cleared—a wife- beater, maybe a wife-killer, Errol and Jeri could only nail for enough felonies to send him up the river until just about the time the campaign of mischief took off in Berkeley.

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There's nothing wrong with Jeri's quest for her prime suspect; it's just maddeningly routine, after the confident, ambitious opening, to watch her doing the daisy-chain shuffle from one informant to the next, closing in on the suspect to no great effect. Feminists should cheer Jeri's fighting instincts; mystery- mongers may deplore a pair of culpable coincidences in her sixth outing Nobody's Child, , etc.

Jeri Howard's chilly client Naomi Smith is willing to spend serious money to find out whether the ruined body backhoed from a vacant Oakland lot is her runaway daughter, Maureen. But once Naomi finds out that it is, she loses interest in whatever led Maureen to her secret grave, even though Maureen's own two-year- old daughter remains ominously missing.

Don't Turn Your Back on the Ocean by Janet Dawson

When Naomi closes ranks against her daughter's memory, along with her equally inscrutable housekeeper, Ramona Clarkwho has her own reasons for putting Maureen's memory behind herit's up to Jeri to go curb to curb among San Francisco's homeless to find out what drove Maureen from her mother's house and what it was that finally killed her. As Jeri makes the rounds of the obvious suspectsNaomi's servile, self-excusing lover; the faithless men in Maureen's life; the offbeat couple who took her in off the streetsDawson creates a wonderfully menacing sense of layer upon layer of sedimented guilt and conspiratorial secrecy.

If the actual secrets don't quite live up to Dawson's portentous hints, Jeri's fifth case Don't Turn Your Back on the Ocean, , etc. This information helps us design a better experience for all users. To learn more about cookies, please see our cookie policy.

To learn more about how we use and protect your data, please see our privacy policy. Cold Trail Janet Dawson Author Kindred Crimes Janet Dawson Author Don't Turn Your Back on the Witchcraft Janet Dawson Author Scam and Eggs Janet Dawson Author The coffee shop they go to may be a dream factory, too. In the season 8 opener , Jim Gaffigan gets a retro ride around Manhattan in a VW camper bus on the way to this certified- kosher deli for pastrami sandwiches.

Will Ferrell has Seinfeld in stitches at this restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine , where they spend a great deal of their meal analyzing the behavior of cats. They also share a very tasty-looking baklava. No gas?

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No problem! Despite a mishap in a Siata, Seinfeld and Steve Martin keep the conversation rolling at this suburban diner in Pleasantville, New York, where they chat about performing in front of thousands and somehow find the funny in a story about a very unfortunate suicide. Season seven opens with the comedian and the Commander-in-Chief drinking coffee brewed from a Mr.

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Coffee machine — the drinks may have been average but the conversation was most definitely not. During their funny awkward silences, someone should have ordered Bluestone brownies or pumpkin bread. Seinfeld and new Daily Show host Trevor Noah down espressos at this cute shop that bakes up an array of delicious treats, including original Whoopi Pies which are available for order online and come in pumpkin or chocolate flavors.

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Seinfeld orders eggs — all organic and cage free!