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News Archive. Archived at the Internet Archive. Philip Alder.

Neocons’ Ukraine-Syria-Iran Gambit

The New York Times. Quote: "Lea du Pont of Rockland, Del. She was Paolo Enrico Garrisi. Neapolitan Club neapolitanclub. Contract bridge. List of bidding conventions. List of bridge people with Wikipedia english articles List of bridge administrators List of bridge writers. List of bridge competitions and awards. A man who has nothing to lose will Still have all to gain Now, there's nothing left but to wish you Godspeed on your way.

It's a gambit, I'll have to admit Are you willing to pay the price?

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  2. Gail Kearns, Editor in Santa Barbara, CA, United States | Reedsy.
  3. Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine: Plants and Modern Medicine.

You should be aware, at the sight of those gates The blood of most men turns to ice. Just go! Add splashing, darkness crashing in on you Enter the gates of hell To dice with the devil for fortune and fame Master the lord of hell. The table is set, the bets have been placed It's time to roll the dice. Mais acessadas de Katana. The Gambit Katana. Six: I don't intend to. Number Two needs to be replaced.

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  • Jerry: [relieved] All right I can replace that. Tabletop Games. Paranoia : Friend Gamemaster is encouraged to occasionally roll dice for no particular reason and smirk, or pass a note to a PC that just says "Act like this note says something important". Video Games. Early in Amnesia: The Dark Descent , it will give you the helpful hint of how to hide from monsters. There are no monsters for quite a while.

    Chess Openings- The King's Gambit

    Not that you'd know that. The game in general does this so well, minor sounds can get you to scream just because the tension is that high and you're that paranoid. In The Elder Scrolls series, one of the myths surrounding Sheogorath , the Daedric Prince of Madness , has a wizard come to him asking for power. Sheogorath says he can have it, if Sheogorath fails to drive the wizard insane within three days. The fear drives said wizard completely bonkers even though Sheogorath hadn't actually bothered doing anything.

    One of the Impossible Questions is from a category called "It's a Dog! The answer really is "a dog. Web Comics. In Freefall , Sam Starfall's reputation for pulling these off is so well-known that it works even when he doesn't actually have a plan. Helix: What sort of devious master plan do you have, Sam? Sam: None at all. But don't worry, Helix, they'll think of something. Ocelot: You know, back when I was with the KGB, my area of specialty wasn't assassination, it was torture. Sure, I was pissed off yesterday, but then it hit me.

    Even if I can't kill you, I can still make your life miserable. Take that cup of coffee, for instance. Maybe this morning when you weren't looking, I poured in a jar of my own urine while it was brewing. Or maybe I didn't. Anyone else, you could read their mind and find out , but with me you'll never really know.

    So I think I'll have a very nice day, in fact. Enjoy your coffee. Mantis: after several beat panels of staring at his coffee Goddamnit. Web Original.

    Humberto Benito Mellado

    In Unreal Estate , Kisei does this to the man who had her father killed, promising to come back and kill him on a Wednesday. SCP Foundation : Dr. Clef is very fond of these. That's as ridiculous as claiming that I've prepared a sopoforic-laced gum to give to you under the guise of a friendly offer of refreshments, thus knocking you out so that I can dispatch you at my leisure and throw your body into the incinerator, destroying all evidence, meaning that it will never be traceable back to me. Western Animation.

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    An episode of The Angry Beavers does this: Norbert spends the majority of the episode telling Dagget "gonna get ya". And then he subverts it at the end by punishing him anyway. On American Dad! Subverted when Klaus forgets all about it, but now that they reminded him, he gets set to exact his revenge.

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    Steve and Roger stop him by blocking his fishbowl. Stewie lets Brian have a free shot at him, but he won't know when, and Stewie goes mad with anticipation. Subverted in the last second of the episode, where Brian kicks Stewie in front of a bus. Acres short "Rooster Revenge", Orson gets even by doing "the worst thing possible: absolutely nothing". Lanolin actually does play a joke on him using a disguise that makes her look like Orson in a Paper-Thin Disguise.

    In Justice League Unlimited , Superman 's suspicions about Lex Luthor and his growing public approval rating left him open for Luthor to trap him with this. Luthor had a self-sustaining city built for the homeless, and Superman detected a device with a timer underground. Ignoring Captain Marvel's pleas to resolve the issue peacefully, he charged straight down to destroy it. As it turned out, the device was a generator, which, though powered by kryptonite, was legit.

    Superman had levelled the city by this point, however, and had publicly fought Captain Marvel over the incident. This left his own reputation in tatters, and resulted in Captain Marvel resigning from the Justice League in disillusionment. Had Supes left well enough alone, all Luthor would have gained was the extra PR from his charity.

    In fact, Luthor only expected Superman to destroy the generator; he never expected Supes and Captain Marvel to get into a televised slap-fight that destroyed the city. Luthor was then able to publicly "be the bigger man" by paying for the damages himself and refusing reimbursement by the League.

    Another more minor example occurs between Hawkgirl and Vixen , both rivals for Green Lantern John Stewart's affections though Vixen was his girlfriend at the time, while Hawkgirl was his ex. Hawkgirl laments the fact that she cannot resolve this rivalry as she could have done back home on planet Thanagar, like by, for instance, poisoning Vixen's water. A little later on, Hawkgirl throws Vixen a bottle of water as the latter leaves the room, who, recalling what the former had said, warily bins the bottle.

    Chess opening: Gufeld Gambit, Sicilian, B31

    A variant in The Spectacular Spider-Man : Eddie Brock returns to town without telling anyone, and messes with Peter's head by following him around and letting Peter get occasional glimpses of him, eventually even making a suit that makes him look like Venom at a distance. The purpose is to get Peter to check on where he left the Venom symbiote, leading Eddie to it in the process.

    Candace of Phineas and Ferb pulls this on herself in "The Best Lazy Day Ever", when her brothers decide to spend the day relaxing in the sunshine. Without one of their insanely ambitious schemes to expose to their mother she doesn't know what to do, working herself up to encouraging them to take on a project and finally doing it herself. Phineas and Ferb remain idle under their tree the whole time. He seeks revenge on his former employer Mockridge, who had contemptuously fired him when he asked for a share in the profits of a game he'd created.

    Batman and Robin manage to save Mockridge, but the Riddler gets away and implies he will eventually return to finish the job. The episode ends with a terrified Mockridge in his mansion, locking every door and window in the place, checking every shadow, and getting into bed with a loaded shotgun at his side while Bruce muses on the situation: Bruce: Mockridge may have his money, but he won't be sleeping well. Real Life.

    Bomb threats in general do this. Some terrorist groups sometimes report the bombs they planted - in vague terms. Evacuation of a large public place and related panic especially if the threat turned out to be real causes plenty of terror, even without killing civilians or even using any bombs. Killing civilians is bad PR.