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What do you think are going to be Kaylee's biggest issues being 16 for the rest of her life? Man, a lot of them that's for sure. She will always have to pretend she's either in high school or college. She won't ever get to be an official grown up. She also won't be able to ever have children since she's technically dead and I'm sure that will be an issue for her the longer she's around.

I like that there is a family involved here - how do you think things would be different if Kaylee didn't have the support of her friends and family? I think, for Kaylee, having her family and friends keeps her good. It would be easy now that she's dead to go bad really fast.

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Tod even talks about that a little in this book. Avari — Hellion of greed. Crimson creeper — A poisonous plant. Fiend — Creepy little buggers in the Netherworld. Proxy — Non-humans that the hellions keep alive for many years so they can snack on them. Lampade — Exist in both worlds at once. Can use the light to create doorways between worlds. Hypnos — Feed through human energy through the barrier between the worlds.

Cannot cross over from the Netherworld. Incubus — A male psychic parasite that feeds from human energy, specifically lust. Syphon — Take feelings and emotions and physical pain from other people. Amphora — A locket type thing that holds souls. Necromancer — Senses the recently dead and restored.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. March 26, The good news? Nov 15, Camelia marked it as to-read. Jun 21, Wendy Darling rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites , crush-worthy-boys , mature-ya , young-adult , june , paranormal-general , mythic-and-fairy-tale-ish , publication , read , pn-reapers. View all 16 comments. May 20, Rachel rated it it was amazing. All things considered, Kaylee Cavanaugh was pretty lucky. Sure, she died. But she got a second chance.

Sure, she could make herself invisible when she wanted to hang out with her boyfriend. That was her choice. But being invisible was easier than being corporeal — not ideal when trying to pretend to be normal at school. Not being able to sleep left long periods of time with little to do and no one to do it with. Not aging meant that nearly everyone she cared about would eventually be gone. Not a decision she ever wanted to make. With new dangers, the return of old enemies and even greater obstacles to overcome, this book is nerve-wracking, suspenseful, heartbreakingly sweet and sad and absolutely unputdownable.

As with each of the previous books in the series, Before I Wake takes things to the next level — more excitement, more heat, deadlier threats and more complex challenges for the characters to face. It touches on the very real issues of isolation, loneliness and despair that come with not quite being part of the world around her. And it shows that immortality does not always guarantee a happy ending.

But the story also shows a positive change in the way Kaylee interacts with the people in her life. We also get to see a more witty, fun and flirtatious Kaylee. Even with the enemies that plague her existence. And even with an ex who is not about to make things easy on her just because she died. Add to this a new mystery to solve, a threat that no one ever saw coming and one not everyone may survive, and you have a story that will captivate, that will surprise and that will leave the door open for the possibility of anything — good or bad — to happen.

It breaks the rules. It leaves readers anxious for the final installment. It was the perfect end to the perfect series. There were two books still to come. While If I Die was an absolutely tormenting roller coaster ride, the ending had me crying tears of joy. There were so many possibilities ahead for my two favorite characters. So many potential happily ever afters. If the series stopped right there I would have been sad but at the same time happy. Then along came Before I Wake. And I was a mix of excited and nervous for its arrival. After that happy ending, I was scared about what new torture author Rachel Vincent would put me through.

I raced through the book. The first time I read it. I was so desperate to learn what happened next. I was anxious to find out if this follow up to the best book in the series would match its awesomeness or if it would fall just a bit shy of it, if not more. I noted passage after passage of moments that made me grin, moments that brought tears to my eyes, moments that took my breath away, moments that stopped my heart from beating.

I cheered. I laughed. I was giddy — yes giddy — with excitement. I was hopeful. I was happy. And not just for the briefest of moments.

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But I also sobbed. I was crushed. Torn apart. And shocked.

But I was. But on the second read I was in tears for practically the entire book. And while I may have revealed things from previous books in the series — like who lived to be in this book — I refuse to go into any real details of all the awesome that is Before I Wake. Because there was a lot of awesome. Like all those sarcastic exchanges between those bean sidhes, reapers and one troublesome mara. And all those conversations that absolutely yanked on my heartstrings. What I will say, though, is that this book was outstanding.

It did not fall shy of the awesome that was If I Die. It was awesome in its own right. In its own way. It took me to a different place. It made me think different things about the characters. And it kept me just as riveted as I was with each and every book in the series. I loved it for its progression.

I loved it for its differences. I loved that it took my emotions on one heck of an insane ride. I loved it for its ability to keep me glued to the story, not once but twice. And I loved that it altered my opinions of not one, but almost all of the characters in this series. About what her existence means. About what it feels like to be there and not there. I am already dying to find out where this story leads and where it ends. I am nervous as to just how heartbreaking the final book in the series will be.

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View all 5 comments. There's a quote on the back cover of my copy "gets better with each book" and that pretty much sums up this series for me. If you're a YA fan and want to take a break from the crazy influx of dystopian novels and your average vampires-and-werewolves paranormal stuff, Soul Screamers is a great series to sink your teeth into. Plus, Tod is awesome. Pre reading: If I Die rocked my freaking socks off. I need more Tod ;D. I am the dreaded Grim Reaper. People fear me, you know. There's a whole song about it. It's the next one - If I Die and now Before I Wake - that changed my view of this whole series, and now I know that it was all worth it to get through the former books just for these two alone - and hopefully the last one will be just as amazing.

One of the things I love the most now about Soul Screamers - aside for the intriguing world-building and its creepy creatures, which I loved from the very beginning - is Kaylee's sweet, mature and breathtaking relationship with Tod.

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I always loved his character the most and prefered him to Nash even in book one, but I could not imagine just how much development he will get through, and now I'm totally in love with him! I love his dark humor, his unpredictability, his love, care, devotion and loyalty to the main heroine! Nash was a boy Kaylee once fell in love with, but Tod is the man who will always be there for Kaylee, the man who can keep up with her forever. I'll be with Tod. He's a good guy, you know. I don't know what people have against her, but kinda loved Sabin ever since she showed up in book four, and now even more so.

Why is this happening to me? Sabine rolled her eyes. Sophie hiccuped, and turned to me, frowning. Then Sabine took off down the hall without a glance at any of us. Come on, Kaylee, before I choke on testosterone and melodrama. View 1 comment. Oct 07, Tough Critic Book Reviews rated it it was amazing. I'm giddy! Call me Han Solo because this stupid ass grin is permanently frozen on my face! I didn't know! Holy hot paranormal hell, I didn't know! I should have trusted you. I tried to put a time frame on kickassness and almost missed this! My almost "disloyalty" deserves to be punished, but could you do me a favor and send Tod over to do the punishing ;- I promise to spend the rest of my life making it up to him you.

Great job with this series and I am so glad I didn't give up on it! Yours faithfully from this point on , Mollie Let me say that even though I may have been indifferent with the Soul Screamers series before, before is gone. The past is the past and the future is Rachel Vincent!

I don't care if you hate books ; it's effing worth it to get to this point; getting to now is the best reward. Rachel Vincent knew in her head where she was going with this series and if there ever was a time to be patient, that time is now!! Jun 12, Sabrina rated it it was amazing Shelves: , close-to-my-heart-series. Checkout my full review on my blog!

I don't want this series to end. I don't want to read the last book. I'm actually going to delay reading the last book for a month. Before I Wake made my heart soar and then crushed it in a matter of a few pages. There were some scenes that I cried so hard I had to put the book down.

This type of writing is perfect. I love the growth Kaylee has gone through, in life Checkout my full review on my blog! I love the growth Kaylee has gone through, in life and in death. She wants to be human yet the fact that she is dead makes her lose all sense of humanity. Kaylee has a hard time connecting to her friends and family but Tod is her anchor to life.

Tod needs more appreciation honestly. After everything that has happened, Tod is the definition of a cinnamon roll. He is Kaylee's knight from beginning to end. And Kaylee is Tod's link to life. The ending gave me chills. Oct 06, Nikki rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , can-t-wait-to-come-out , deserves-to-be-king-of-world , ghost.

I want more than anything I shouldn't torture myself by reading the first 4 chapters, but I do. Jun 16, Melissa W added it. View all 12 comments. Jan 01, TarynXO rated it it was amazing Shelves: fae-immortal , favorite-authors , yummy-boys-i-want , 5-star-favs , paranormal-supernatural , amazing-covers , read-infavs. I love you, Kaylee. More than I've ever loved anyone. More than I will ever love anyone. If I could freeze this moment in time and never have to let you go, I would do it without a second thought.

As all of us already know, this series does nothing but surprise, shock, and amaze u I love you, Kaylee. As all of us already know, this series does nothing but surprise, shock, and amaze us. So why should any of us feel surprised at exactly how we would be feeling after this book? There are 3 important aspects of this book that I really need to get into. Characters Unfortunately, hoping this doesn't disappoint a lot of you, but we literally get to be introduced to every single character that we have had the opportunity to meet since the beginning of the series.

To say that is a welcome heartfelt reunion, is totally up to you to determine. I loved how everyone was mixed up into this crazy amazing train-wreak. Okay , maybe not all of it was a train wreck. We all knew that at the end of IID, Todd and Kaylee had their bitter-sweet moment and we learned their real feelings and how their relationship came into effect. What I loved about this book compared to all the others?

It was so much more Way more "touchy-feely" was more But not really. The chemistry that Nash and Kaylee had at the beginning was amazing. You could tell how much they liked each other and you knew how attracted they were to each other. But honestly? It doesn't even come close to the chemistry Todd and Kaylee have. We got so many steamy private moments between the two that Nash and Kaylee barley got. How could he not feel the way that he does?

Honestly, he's been through hell and back and it never got any better for him. Unfortunately, he still thinks that somewhere deep down Kaylee will return to him. It's sad, really sad. The worst part? I almost wish they would. I have never lost the love I had for Nash since the beginning. Technically Nash is the reason Kaylee was even able to handle everything she learned about herself.

Yes he fell off the deep end, yes he screwed up horribly but guess what? Who hasn't? I think that makes him the most real person out of all of them. I know Todd and Kaylee are so much better for each other, but I will never lose the hope that somewhere, locked away, Nash and Kaylee will still have something there. In the midst of all that comes Sabine.

Series: Soul Screamers

Oh "Bina" for once I feel sorry for her. She is still a bitchy, snotty, rude, bold, and straight up honest person since we first met her. Her and Kaylee are finally starting to become "friends. We get to meet the new character Luca, who we all first got introduced too in the Novella of Never to Sleep. Yeah I will admit he's pretty great.

We learn that he is a necromancer. He can sense the dead. Not "see" the dead, but feel their presence. I wouldn't say I disliked him, but he didn't really grow on me as much as I wanted him too. Story-line Since almost the first couple of pages things already swirled into disaster. I didn't feel like I could stop and take a breath for the life of me.

Between Kaylee trying to act like she never died, attend school, and try and ignore all the gossip of "the girl who survived a stabbing from their math teacher", she has to deal with her new job that gave her the chance to even pretend to be living again. With that it felt so good to see her try and mend the relationships that slipped away, and make the ones she still had grow bigger. Kaylee's dad grew a huge soft spot inside of me and I love where he and Kaylee stand. Who wouldn't want a dad like him? Nash and Kaylee finally mend some of the broken heartedness and slowly, slowly grow back some of their friendship.

With new twists and new surprises nothing was expected. I had my gasp-out-loud moments, my omg-did-that-just-happen blurbs and yes I even had a few teary eyed moments.

Soul Screamers #1: My Soul to Take

The ending Really? That just happened? Okay, so maybe I didn't ask all those questions but I did have a brain melt down. I felt like everything was led up to this big huge recovery and BAM an invisible arm grabbed me and threw me to the floor and told me to sit and wait. Yeah, I guess that just about summarizes it. So what am I suppose to do? Why sit and wait forever of course!! Until we can see exactly how this world and lives are ending. By ending, I mean happily ever after right? Jun 16, Casey Ann Books rated it it was amazing.

So kaylees back! And back with a vengeance. This series just gets better and better with each book I think Rachel Vincent couldn't write more and more and it would never get old This book out of the whole series defiantly had me crying the most! Sometimes happy sometimes really sad. But I will say this is my favorite out of the whole series and this is why: Through out the whole series since the beginning in typical YA style I thought Nash and Kaylee were going to be together "forever" yes they wo So kaylees back!

But I will say this is my favorite out of the whole series and this is why: Through out the whole series since the beginning in typical YA style I thought Nash and Kaylee were going to be together "forever" yes they would have some heart ache but they would end up together eventually happy ending and all that. But Rachel Vincent took a spectacular risk like I mentioned in my previous review for if i die and Todd was brought into kaylees love life and changed it completely and I am so glad.

A lot of people were annoyed but boy I was excited. Love, excitement, death. Blood, sweat and tears are only some of the words I can use to describe the brilliance of this book. I never get tired of reading the scenes between these characters! Rachel takes you to a place that challenges your imagination and screams at you through the page. Todd and Kayley are as amazing as ever. Their relationship develops and the way Rachel writes their scenes you truly believe that this relationship was meant to be.

I couldn't help but cheer for them, cry at their best moments and at each scene they had I had a romantic sigh from within. Also Sabine. You know some people didn't take to Sabine but I will say that you really start to like her in this book. Rachel has shown Sabines kind side and you start to really enjoy when shes in a scene she's turning into a very likeable character!

The plot is amazing. It thickens and gets deeper.

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  • Questions are answered beautiful scenes are happening and heart ache has never been more prominent. I think its descriptive and effective. Rachel has created word images so vivid that it is almost like watching a movie. She takes you for a romp through kayleys not so alive life with a team of Mara, Reapers and banshees and finds themselves in a action packed suspenseful event with the evil Avari that had my heart facing and had me excited from beginning to end.

    I could say so much more about this book but I would probably talk spoiler after spoiler. I feel like I had a great amount of years with these books and I thank Rachel for bringing Todd Kayley and Nash into my life But I'm just not ready to say goodbye. I don't think I'll ever be. Sep 25, Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. All of my anticipation for it had me wondering if I would be disappointed because my hopes were so high, but the story blew my expectations away and I absolutely loved it!!

    I wish I could give this 10zillion stars but there isn't an option for that. There were so many plot twists and game changers that I had no idea how the story was going to continue. The first thing I noticed was how much Kaylee has changed. It's completely understandable since she's dead and all but I loved her in BIW.

    I have always seen Kaylee as a strong character but I thought she was even more so now. She fought her own battles and you could see how much she has grown since MStT. She was a fierce fighter and even though she had her moments of depression Honestly who wouldn't? The girl was stabbed to death. I would be traumatized for life. I loved how Kaylee was able to take charge and how she didn't take crap from others. Then the ending happened! I would have fallen apart if that happened to me!

    Not Kaylee though. If anything she is fiercer than ever and I can't wait to see what she's like in WAMS because it just got personal well it kind of already was but now even more so. I also didn't know if I would like Tod and Kaylee together. For some reason I have always had a soft spot for Nash despite all of his issues and I think my favorite parts of BIW were when Kaylee and Nash started building a friendship again. Nash was still understandably in pain but he started to try to get over it. Easier said than done obviously but I admired Nash for trying. I think he is finally starting to recover.

    You can tell that he really wants to get better now and I'm proud of him for that. Tod was my favorite character when I read the series the first time but when I re-read it for the SSRC, Nash is my new favorite because although it hurts him and affects the other characters I love how flawed he is.