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Learn how your comment data is processed. If you are a regular here, you know that I love finding fun ways for my daughter to practice her uppercase and lowercase letters with fun Alphabet games. This week I looked at our globe sitting on our mantel and I thought it would be a great resource for creating a fun Alphabet Ocean Hunt game for my preschooler.

The Ocean Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta: | Books

Not only did my daughter have a blast with the game but we also talked about the World, the difference between oceans and lands on the map, and she learned where we live on the globe. I also made a blank Ship Printable if you want to customize your game. Have your preschooler cut out the ship and the sails. Tape the sails at the top of your craft sticks and then tape the craft sticks onto the back of the ship.

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Write the lowercase letters onto your removable circle labels and place them all over your globe in the oceans. You are now ready to start the activity.

The Ocean Alphabet Book

I used blue stickers because I thought they would look like windows on the ship. You can play a few different ways:. Start with A.

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Have your preschooler find the lowercase A on the globe and then put the sticker onto the uppercase A on the ship. Let your preschooler choose which letter they want to match up. Have them look around the globe and remove one sticker at a time and match it to the correct uppercase letter on the ship.

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As I mentioned at the top, while we had the globe out we also talked about maps and what their purpose was. The sound of seagulls in the sky?

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