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Another mother said her daughter, who is allergic to preservatives and sensitive to chemicals, vomited every 30 minutes for more than a day. On Friday, after work began, the principal sent an email to parents reporting a strong smell had filled the building and was being addressed. She immediately ordered her children out of the building, then walked in to collect their backpacks and said the smell was strong throughout the school.

Most parents asked not to be named to avoid conflicts at the school. Some kept their children out of class on Monday. The work has been put on hold until the March break. Toronto Public Health inspected the building Saturday after parents called the city. Public Health said it has not been called to any other school.

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The board said the air was tested Sunday and Monday and is safe. Lambton-Kingsway is not the first school where parents said asphalt fumes have made children feel sick. School board spokeswoman Shari Schwartz-Maltz said its protocols meet Labour ministry standards, and every effort is made to follow those guidelines. The board explains online that students may experience temporary nausea or headaches if exposed to fumes and its protocols state roofers are required, when possible, to keep the asphalt kettle away from doors, windows, or any location where fumes could be drawn into the building, including fresh air intake vents.

Gareth Owen, a parent and president of an environmental consulting company, said the problem was made worse because school staff were told by the board to close the windows and doors, rather than ventilate the building. Plus, those with needs in between can find a home with the new 7.

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Because so many Super Duty drivers tow and pull trailers on a regular basis, trailer technology is something that makes sense and something that Tom says drivers have been asking for. Class-exclusive new Pro Trailer Backup Assist is a smart technology that helps drivers navigate hooking up trailers, parking, backing down boat ramps, backing through tight spaces and other tricky situations with more ease.

Tom highlights how easy it is, simply by using a knob on the dash the driver can maneuver their truck and trailer with their hands off of the steering wheel. Using the knob system, the driver steers the trailer using the reverse camera and the Trailer Reverse Guidance system that shows the trailer trajectory to help you efficiently and effectively backup your trailer.

See a Problem?

Technology continues to advance and in the world of trucks that technology enables Ford to keep you safer on the road. This system utilizes cameras in the mirrors to sense when something is in the path of the truck. In the event that you do not hit the brakes to avoid a collision with whatever object is in your path, this system will kick in and automatically apply braking pressure to avoid a collision. Not only does it keep you and your vehicle accident free, but it also allows you to monitor what is happening around your vehicle and protect the things you may not realize are around it.

However, Tom says once you begin using these technologies you become really comfortable with them and are able to experience the benefits. Not only are primary drivers able to reap the benefits, but Tom also highlights how these built in safety mechanisms allow experienced drivers to share the driving burden with others who may not have the same comfort level as they do behind the wheel.

It allows them to be safe and more effective drivers.


Tech gurus and those who live and work out of their trucks will no doubt appreciate the high-tech upgrade for the Ford Super Duty. What does this mean for you? Simply put, you have continuous WIFI access within your vehicle and up to 50 feet around it with connectivity for up to 10 devices.

Tom says that those numbers will come in future releases.

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However, Ford has said that the F-Series Super Duty will offer its highest-ever conventional, gooseneck and fifth-wheel towing and payload ratings. Tom highlights the impressive capabilities of the Super Duty which boasts a maximum towing of 35, pounds for goosenecks, 27, pounds for fifth wheel trailering and 21, pounds for off the bumper towing. The F-Series Super Duty trucks are designed to work and tackle heavy loads, but they are also efficient and effective everyday drivers. Indian Springs, NV.

Just outside New Orleans, LA.

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