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A little salt and spice can change everything and make healthy eating both enjoyable and sustainable. There will be times when one piece of chocolate turns into an entire bar. There will be burnt meals that lead to pizza delivery. Every step you take is a step in the right direction , so roll with the punches and take every opportunity as a chance to learn what you can do better next time.

As you work to improve your eating habits, start small and choose one thing to implement. What change do you feel most comfortable making today? About the Author: Rebekah Fedrowitz is a board certified holistic nutritionist and an integrative health speaker and writer. She is passionate about helping Christian women rewrite the rules of health and discover the art of living well so they are able to live into the abundant life and purpose God created for them.

Rebekah has experienced many of her own health challenges, from weight challenges and hormonal imbalances to anxiety and depression, and teaches from both practical experience and her work with dozens of women from around the world. You may also want to check out the following podcast episodes:.

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Rebekah is also the founder of You Are Well , an integrative health membership community for women, and the host of the You Are Well Health podcast. Note: Serving size is key!

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You can review Portion Control Guidelines here. One carbohydrate…. So glad you found the article useful and encouraging!

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30-Day Clean-Eating Challenge

Fired up with enthusiasm, she founded the Day Challenge Series in May of and is thrilled to be cultivating a community of inspired, dedicated and successful fitness enthusiasts. You can find her latest and greatest at www. Share this article. Are you sure you want to delete this family member? Find activities close to home. Activities near you will have this indicator. Within 2 Miles. Activities near you will have this indicator Within 2 Miles.

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Maintaining healthy eating habits in the New Year

And doing a complete overhaul rarely lasts very long because that approach is simply too hard. Often, and especially for busy families, the most effective way to make lasting changes is to start with small and simple things you feel you can wrap your head around. This course is not a diet.

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It will help you to get into a better routine in the kitchen, will help to curb some bad habits that may be leading to picky eating , and it can improve overall dynamics of family meals—otherwise known as less tantrums and crying. To sign up for the 30 day email course, you can visit my shop page. These are tips are a collection of all of my best feeding and cooking advice in one easy to use format, delivered straight to your email.