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As a field, we have a lot of meetings. And we totally suck at scheduling them. I would like to meet with you to see how our organizations could collaborate.

9 Ways To Eliminate The Meetings From Hell

Let me know what works best for you. Now, this email is very sincere and courteous, but it makes me want to punch the meeting requester in the pancreas.

Not at first, of course, but gradually, due to a series of irritating emails. I am proposing a set of rules that we all in the field follow which I hope will make us more efficient and lessen our chances of getting punched in the pancreas. Rule 1, the List of Three : The meeting initiator must propose, in his initiation email, at minimum three dates and times of when he is available, these aforementioned times being preferably spread over several days.

You initiated the meeting; you look at your calendar.

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It takes a long time to look at my insane schedule to see three times that would work for me. Do you think I just sit in my cubicle watching clips of The Daily Show all day long? Of course not. If none of the three times that the initiator proposed works for the meeting grantor, it is now the responsibility of the meeting grantor to set parameters e. This List of Three shall be perpetuated in turn by both parties until a mutually agreeable time is determined. One more thing One day I sat down and added up the hourly rate of the eight senior executives in the meeting, I then multiplied the figure by five hours as well as eight hours.

Remembering it was nearly 20 years ago I was very, very, young! But best of all? There were no more interminable golfing stories! Then tell me in the comments section below about your own personal meeting hell. It's all about food Do you have the 'Meetings from Hell' in your veterinary practice? Meetings , meetings, meetings - how successful are they in your veterinary practice?

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Need a quick update meeting with little to no discussion? Have a stand-up in Slack or whichever chat service your organization uses.

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Hell, you can hold hour long meetings in Slack — it is a bit more complicated and a secondary guide on conducting meetings in Slack could be written standalone. The WordPress. While meetings can often be overlooked in regards to importance and productivity, I hope this article helps illuminate the many details that can allow your team to have fewer or shorter, but more productive meetings.

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